Weekend Trip to Tropea

Picture of a castle in Tropea

Students on the beach at sunset in Tropea

The third weekend of our study abroad experience we decided to go to Tropea, Italy. Tropea is such a gorgeous place and as a group it was very relaxing and interesting to see the difference in cultures from the United States and Tropea. Even though the weather on the first day was a little windy and rainy we decided to walk into town and check out some of the tourist shops and local restaurants. The second day was a beautiful day so we decided to lay on the beach and go swimming, which was a great bonding experience. This picture is the view from the town above of where we stayed. It was a great place to stay and a wonderful trip.

During the second day we sat at the hotel’s beachside dining area and were able to watch the Italy World Cup game.  It was very interesting to see a country so invested in soccer, watch their home team play in such an important game.  After the game, we had a buffet style dinner made up of traditional Italian cuisine.  It’s always nice to see a country’s culture through their food.  Many of the dishes had a lot of flavor and complemented the bread and pasta very well.  

Everywhere we have gone in Italy the people have been super nice and very welcoming. Even though for the most part it is tough to communicate with them, if we speak a little in Spanish they will somewhat understand what we mean. Before this trip we had a feeling that many people didn’t like Americans but after being here there are actually a good amount of Europeans that like us and want to communicate and learn our culture as well as us learn theirs.

This post authored by Trevor Ahbe and Brandon Sonoda