NomNom Nation Mobile Application Takes Off

Garrett Emrick smiling

Garrett Emrick, a senior Software Engineering major at Miami University, works diligently to end hunger in America.

Allow me to explain.

Garrett is the Chief Technology Officer of NomNom Nation, a new mobile application targeted towards engaging a younger generation in raising money for local food banks. He coded and built both the website and mobile application for public use. The program eliminates the hassle of making an in-person donation at a food bank by allowing people to donate money within seconds from their smart phone.

“…A food bank can do more with dollars than any normal person could or with food donations,” said Garrett. The Freestore Foodbank can purchase three meals with one dollar, and the Shared Harvest Foodbank can purchase eight meals with one dollar.

Recently, NomNom Nation worked with both Miami University and the University of Cincinnati to coordinate a food race between the colleges. Students could pick which team to be a part of and donate on behalf of their school. The event generated about 200 donations, and winner totals were calculated at the Miami vs. UC football game.

Garrett had only one month to complete the Miami/UC application, and worked around 30 hours a week to meet the deadline. His hard work paid off, because a total of around 26,000 pounds of food was donated at this event alone.

The NomNom Nation staff is currently talking to other schools outside of Ohio to facilitate their own food races. One of Garrett’s current goals is to design a website where people can create their own food race teams, instead of organizations having to use the application creators as a middleman. If Miami was interested in doing another food race, Garrett thinks that he and the rest of his team would be more than willing to help organize it.

Garrett graduated from Valley View High School in Germantown, Ohio, before coming to Miami. He became interested in software engineering his senior year, after taking a college-level course. Although Garrett graduates next fall, he would like to continue working on the application after completing school.

Written by Sarah Mattina, student communications assistant