ISWC Conference

Head shot of one of the participants.

Head shot of one of the participants

Miami University engineering students Xi Chen and Weiguo Xia’s research paper, “Extending an Ontology Alignment System with BIOPORTAL: A Preliminary Analysis” will be featured at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) this year.

“ISWC 2014 is the premier international forum for the Semantic Web/Linked Data Community…Scientists, industry specialists, and practitioners meet to discuss the future of practical, scalable, user-friendly, and game changing solutions.” [Source]

The paper is based on their thesis research with co-authors Dr. Valerie Cross (thesis advisor) and Dr. Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz (thesis committee member.)

Ontologies are the primary method used to represent concepts, properties and relationships for a problem domain on the Semantic Web. Ontology alignment (OA) is the process of matching these entities between two different ontologies and resulted from the need to integrate heterogeneous knowledge resources.

Xi and Weiguo’s innovative thesis research is enhancing the existing OA system LogMap to use BIOPORTAL as background knowledge to improve the OA process for large biomedical ontologies. LogMap was originally developed by Dr. Jimenez-Ruiz.

Both students are working on their master’s degrees in the Computer Science and Engineering Department. The conference will be held in Riva Del Garda, Italy, in October.

Xi Chen is from Gutian, China while Weiguo Xia is from Anshan, China.