Dean of CEC Visits Mumbai - India

Dr. Lalvani, 8 students, and hosts in MumbaiAfter a very enjoyable and enriching experience in Bombay (Mumbai), eight students and I arrived in Chennai in the afternoon. We were joined there by Dean Marek Dollár and Dr. Anna Dollár.

Within an hour of our arrival, Srini gave us a whirlwind tour of the area where our hotel is located: visit to the home of philosopher, J. Krishnamurthy, his house, followed by a cup of tea and refreshments at his neighbor’s house, trip to a church where St. Thomas is buried, Shiva temple visitation followed by a tour of the Rama Krishna Mission where we heard Hindu monks chant.

Did I mention that we also visited the Madras Cricket Club? The evening ended with a most appetizing vegetarian meal called Thali.

–Dr. Lalvani