JP Morgan Chase's Code for Good Challenge

Kim working on a computer during the challenge.

A software engineering major from the College of Engineering and Computing recently won the JP Morgan Chase’s Code for Good web application challenge along with a team of four others. The competition consisted of students from over 20 different universities who compete to create a technological solution for one of two nonprofits. 

Kim Farinacci, a junior at Miami, had an internship with JP Morgan last summer, and signed up for the competition after receiving an email with information from Dr. Kiper, Chair of the Computer Science and Software Engineering department. She chose to be randomly assigned a group, and was surprised at how well they worked together, considering some of the other participants knew their teammates’ strengths beforehand. 

"We kept a very upbeat vibe throughout the competition," she said. "We made sure everyone was getting their work completed and helped each other along the way.”

Her team’s assigned challenge was to design an application for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) that connects gardening enthusiasts and promotes knowledge sharing between users.

Kim’s main role in developing the application was programming in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, skills she learned in several of her interactive media studies classes taken at Miami. She also helped design the user interface for the web application, of which she says many engineers can forget its’ importance to the client.

“The agile development skills I leaned from CSE 201 were very helpful throughout the competition. I highly recommend JP Morgan Chase’s Code for Good Challenge and Technology Summer Analyst Program,” she said.

Congratulations, Kim!

Written by Sarah Mattina, student communications assistant