Student, NASCAR Driver, and Project Lifesaver Ambassador

Headshot of Scott Heckert in his racing gear in front of NASCAR logo

Mechanical engineering major and NASCAR driver Scott Heckert isn’t your typical student. Balancing schoolwork and his racing schedule is no easy task—add in his involvement with Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and role as ambassador for Project Lifesaver International (PLI) and you have one busy schedule.

Scott first became interested in driving because of his father, who was involved in amateur racing. The rest is history. During his on-season, Scott will sometimes leave midweek to train for a race. He lets professors know about his NASCAR commitment at the beginning of every semester and stays on top of classwork with the help of friends.

“I love the connection between engineering and auto racing,” said Scott of his major. Being involved with racing made him curious about the physics that factored into the design of the car, a curiosity he exercises with his involvement in Formula SAE. FSAE allows him to design and build a racecar with a team of students to compete in an international competition. Scott posing in front of his race car with a trophy.

Scott also incorporates his off-campus activities, like his PLI ambassador role, into his love for racing. Their logo is permanently displayed on his racecar. 

PLI is a non-profit organization that provides law enforcement the technology to track down ‘at-risk’ loved ones. Examples of at-risk individuals include those affected by Alzheimer’s disease or Autism.

The organization has directly helped Scott’s own family, and seeing their positive impact firsthand motivated him to get involved. Scott is only the fifth person to be named an ambassador.

“Being an ambassador for Project Lifesaver is a huge honor. To me, it symbolizes how strong my relationship with the organization has grown, and it means a lot that they considered me for the role,” he said.

To learn more about Scott’s news and racing schedule, check out his professional website here.

Photo credit: NASCAR