Interning at Ethicon

Headshot of Nicole

Nicole McKee (senior mechanical engineering major) happened to stumble on Ethicon at Career Fair, but then the company became a large part of her life when she began her co-op experience. Ethicon is an organization that focuses on healthcare solutions that will have a global impact.

Nicole worked on the Lifecycle Engineering team, and dealt with issues pertaining to Ethicon’s existing products. She ran mechanical tests, performed statistical analysis, wrote engineering reports, and analyzed product designs.

She credits her engineering courses at Miami in aiding her perform stress-strain analysis, free body diagrams, and deflection calculations.

“I had to do these types of calculations ever day, and thanks to my classes, I knew how to set up the problems and go about solving them,” Nicole said.

Her advice to students considering a co-op would be to plan ahead for their following semesters, and know which semester will work best depending on remaining classes.

“Be confident in yourself and show leadership…Don’t look at yourself as a co-op, but a future engineer,” she said.

Written by Sarah Mattina, student communications assistant