Swagelok Series: Jordon Welle

Jordon Welle and city skyline.

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Jordon Welle, a 2012 graduate, double majored in mechanical and manufacturing engineering during his time at Miami. He started on the shop floor with the operators, and currently works in technical services with Swagelok’s distributors.

“I could be working with people halfway around the world on a product and what we have that will work best for their needs,” said Jordon.

When asked what a typical workday looks like, Jordon laughs. There isn’t really a ‘typical day’ for him because of the nature of his job, which involves a lot of customer service. Jordon is the liaison between the distributors selling the product and Swagelok, making sure that any problems regarding an order are resolved and questions answered.

Jordon held an internship with Swagelok in the summer between his junior and senior year, and began full-time after graduation. He discovered the company through Miami’s Career Fair.

“The benefit [of a Miami education] is getting well-rounded and getting as many different experiences as possible before you enter the real world,” Jordon said.

Jordon was involved with Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society, in his last two years of school and also volunteered in the community of Oxford. Swagelok encourages its employees to volunteer at the Cleveland Foodbank through its Emerging Professionals program.

“I originally grew up in Columbus, so it’s a great way to get involved in a community that you weren’t a part of before. You’re making it your own community in the process,” said Jordon.