Katie Hockman

Katie Hockman headshot

Katie Hockman is a computer science major with a job already waiting for her at Google following graduation—but this wasn’t always her passion. Katie came to Miami as a math major, and switched after taking a class in the Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving and experiencing her first internship in software development. 

“I found computer science to be a lot more social [than math], and I got to work with people on a team building tangible, real products, and that’s why I ended up switching majors,” said Katie.

Katie served as a teaching assistant for that same class second semester of her freshman year, and became an integral part of the CSE Department from early on in her arrival on campus. 

She has also been a key member of the Augmented Reality Center's capstone team as part of her senior design project. The team is working to develop an augmented reality mobile application for Batesville Casket Company's products, allowing funeral directors to fully customize a casket and view the final result before placing an order.

Katie will be moving to California mid-June to start her career with Google. She will be working as a software engineer in the supply chain division to write applications that help their project development process. It took 3-4 months from her first moment of contact with the company to go through the interview process and accept a job offer.

In her free time, Katie enjoys playing the violin, a hobby she has pursued since the age of 10. She occasionally plays at Oxford Bible Fellowship’s church services.

Best of luck to Katie at Google following graduation!