Swagelok Series: Kelly McVay

Headshot of Kelly

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Kelly McVay (2013) recently finished her rotation as an application engineer for Swagelok. During her time at Miami, Kelly majored in engineering management with an environmental focus and minored in chemical engineering.

Kelly got a job at Swagelok through networking at Miami, and was selected to participate in a technical development program that the company offers to recent college graduates. The program is three years long and during that time, participants will hold two different positions.

As an application engineer, Kelly handled different customer requests for products and then designed them. If they were satisfied and the order came through, Kelly aided in getting the customer their new product.

“The best part about Swagelok is the environment,” Kelly said. “They’re very focused on quality. As a new person, I’ve never felt compromised to do something too quickly or for profit, because your work can’t fail or hurt anyone.”

Kelly cites her unit operations lab as the class that prepared her the most for a career after graduation, because it covered a broad range of topics that are applicable to any engineering field.

In her free time, Kelly likes playing volleyball or volunteering at her local parks. 

Written by Sarah Mattina, student communications assistant