Engineering and Medicine

Sarah Gartner skiing.

Sarah Gartner’s (2015) passion for helping others translates well to her bioengineering major with a premedical concentration, and she will soon go on to The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine following graduation from the College of Engineering and Computing.

Currently, she is thinking about going into pediatric surgery. She wants to take what she’s learned in engineering and apply it to medicine.

Sarah said she has found that there is a gap between findings within a laboratory and putting the results into practice with a human patient. She would love to become the leading innovator on getting these lab findings to the patient more quickly.

Sarah has been involved in research with Dr. Justin Saul (a professor in the Chemical, Paper, & Bioengineering Department) dealing with tissue regeneration. She said the research is most applicable to wounds sustained in military combat. Her work involves adding keratin protein to hydrogel to create a paste that helps quickly regenerate skin cells. 

She has also furthered these techniques through her senior design project that involves drug delivery of hydrogel with an added antibiotic to fight infection.

Sarah volunteered within the Emergency Department of McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital in Oxford, which involved transporting patients and taking samples to the lab. This gave her a better understanding of an ER doctor’s everyday work responsibilities.

Sarah is also a cohort leader in the four-year intensive leadership program offered by Miami’s Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute. She thinks that the Institute is a great way of teaching engineering students communication skills in the business world.

When she’s not volunteering or doing schoolwork, Sarah functions as the founder and president of the Miami University Ski Club. The club has grown from a few of her friends to about 150 members during her time here.

“I think Miami is a great place to discover your passions…I’m a good example of that, in I thought I knew what I wanted to do when I came in, and then my experiences here and being involved pushed me in a totally different direction than what I was originally thinking for myself. I think Miami has so many great opportunities and any student should try to get involved as much as possible,” Sarah said. 

Best of luck after graduation in all of your future endeavors!

Written by Sarah Mattina, student communications assistant