Dr. DJ Rao wins at CHIKV Challenge

Dr. DJ Rao Dr. DJ Rao recently won $10,000 for the Best Applicability Methodology in his work on the DARPA chikungunya virus (CHIKV) Challenge. The Challenge, launched last year, had thirty-eight teams from around the world working on trying to more accurately predict the spread of CHIKV. Dr. Rao’s team was one of eleven selected as the winners of the Challenge.

CHIKV is spread by mosquitos, and although is rarely fatal, causes severe joint and muscle pain, fever, nausea, and rashes. The virus has close to 1.4 million suspected cases and over 33,000 confirmed cases in the Americas since it appeared in 2013.

Dr. Rao teaches a broad range of classes including: computer architecture, operating systems, high performance computing, and heterogeneous and cloud computing. His research includes application of multi-scale modeling, bio-simulations, and bioinformatics for large-scale epidemiological and ecological analysis.

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Written by Emily Hughes, student communications assistant.