Welcome Dr. Giancarlo Corti!

Dr. Corti and his family.

Dr. Giancarlo Corti’s favorite part about teaching is the interactions he has with students. He is a newly tenured mechanical and manufacturing engineering (MME) professor at Miami this year.

“I try not to give [students] the answer, but to guide them. There’s an ‘aha!’ moment when you see their faces, and they just keep going. That’s the best part,” Giancarlo said.

His area of research is nanomaterials manufacturing. ‘Nanomanufacturing’ is the production of new materials and products, based on nanomaterials, in a viable and economical manner for use in the industry. He has also been investigating the use of nanomaterials in the field of prosthetics: studies have found that osteoblast cells can begin producing bones once inside nanosprings.  Giancarlo just recently finished making a large scale nanomaterial reactor for a company in Thailand. 

When he’s not teaching, Giancarlo enjoys fixing and tweaking things at home. His original interest in the field began at a young age while he helped his father (also an engineer) around the house and worked on cars.

He will be teaching Mechanics of Materials (MME 312) this fall semester. Currently, he is working on creating a new mechatronics class to add to the engineering curriculum. 

Written by Sarah Mattina, student communications assistant