Journey to CSE

Dr. Stephan head shot

Everyone’s journey to the engineering field is unique and different, and Dr. Matthew Stephan’s begins at a young age.

“Growing up, I had difficulties writing using a pencil and pen due to fine motor control skill problems. As such, I started using a computer at a very young age and was able to type before I could write,” said Matthew.

From there, Matthew spent a lot of his free time with computers and video game consoles, developing a love for problem solving and the technology field. He originally decided to attend the software engineering program at the University of Waterloo in Canada after contacting Electronic Arts (EA) Sports to inquire about which program would best suit him for a job at their company.

“During my undergraduate career, my interests shifted as I grew to understand more and more what engineering was and its importance to society. This continued throughout all my academic and industrial experiences,” Matthew said.

His best subject in school was, surprisingly, English and literature. As a professor involved in research, he can combine all three of his interests: reading, writing, and engineering. Research is a very rewarding part of his job that he plans on continuing now that he’s at Miami. Currently he is investigating several software engineering projects that will help improve model driven engineering development and software quality in general.

In his free time, you can find Matthew at the rec center or attending sporting events. Welcome to the department, Dr. Stephan!