Two CEC Professors Receive Distinguished Teaching Award

Norm Krumpe with President Hodge  Dr. Jamieson and President Hodge

Prof. Norm Krumpe (CSE) and Dr. Peter Jamieson (ECE) were recently awarded the CELTUA Distinguished Teaching award. Award recipients demonstrate the ‘qualities of a creative and innovative educator with a demonstrated record of fostering critical thinking and engagement of undergraduates.’ [Source]

Prof. Norm Krumpe has been teaching since 1997. He prides himself on the fact that he gives his students a lot of free reign when it comes to projects, which allows them to be creative.

Although Krumpe only teaches introductory classes, one of his favorite things is seeing how his students progress during the rest of their time at Miami.

Dr. Jamieson has been teaching at Miami since 2009. He has always been interested in video game development, which is one of his various research focuses now. He is able to include both undergraduate and graduate students on his projects.

When asked what his favorite part about teaching is, Jamieson says, “It’s interacting with other people and working on ideas.”

Congratulations to both on receiving this award!