EaCSS Serving the Oxford Community

The Electronics and Computing Service Scholars (EaCSS) are a new group of 20 students that live in a Miami living-learning community dedicated to serving others through their knowledge of computer science and engineering.

The students currently participate in Kode 2 Learn, a student organization that conducts weekly coding clubs at the three Talawanda Elementary schools. 

Students have had many positive things to say about the new program. Alex Oladele feels that EaCSS is a tight-knit bonding experience more than anything.

"Dr. Brinkman has helped us realize that there is way more to life than just ourselves, and implores us to use our talents in order to aid the community and others around us," said Alex.

Nicholas Romeo has enjoyed learning how he can use his talents in the real world, and he said, "[the program] has opened up a lot of great opportunities for me and has helped me in understanding how we can relate programming to every day life," Nicholas said.

They will be participating in Kode 2 Learn day on November 21st on Miami’s campus.