Follow-Up: Adventure in Ankleshwar, India

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Emma Brodman traveled abroad to Ankleshwar, India, this winter term to intern for two different companies.

BEIL (Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd.) is a hazardous waste disposal plant, and ETL (Enviro Technology Ltd.) is an effluent treatment plant.

“Most of my time at the plants was spent compiling two reports. Both companies that I worked for focus on protecting the environment. My job was to summarize the processes used in each department of the plants and say how Indian environmental laws were being applied there,” said Emma.

She had to read several hundred pages of Indian environmental laws, and visit a new department each day to learn how it operated. The work week in India is six days long.

Emma lived with two different host families during her time there, both of whom she will miss now that she’s back in the U.S. Most of the family members spoke English and helped her navigate the foreign country.