SunCorp Mentors Agile Launchpad Team

Students Create Business Plan for Wearable Technology

Picture of the 6 students on the team standing with the professor smiling

SunCorp Group executives work with a team of Agile Launchpad I students on a weekly basis providing feedback on their practicum project designing a business plan for wearable technology that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Streak for the Gym is one of three team projects, comprised of 6 students in Jerry Gannod, professor in computer science and software engineering's spring CEC 205 class. Each student on the Streak for the Gym team has a specific role:

  • Iteration Manager:  Jack Snowball - senior, supply chain management major
  • Business Analyst:  Carter Rudek - junior, information systems analytics major
  • Project Owner:  Jared Wechsler - senior, spanish and software engineering double major
  • Developer:  Emily Hughes - junior, software engineering major
  • Developer:  Will Asbury - sophomore, software engineering major
  • Developer/Tester:  Irina Rakhlenko - junior, software engineering major

Streak for the Gym

is a web application that will provide gym membership rewards and incentives to customers for continued success toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Customer activity is pulled from FitBit devices to determine when streaks are achieved i.e. 7000 steps per day for one week.

CEC 205 Agile Launchpad I

introduces students to the Agile Way of Working.  Agile is a project management approach that advocates using a set of values, principles, and practices that have been shown to help teams to deliver products better, faster, and cheaper. Each Thursday the team has a video conference with SunCorp mentors who provide feedback on the week's work. These client interactions provide real world experience in being part of a project management team. Each student completing the course earns professional certification from ICAgile.

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