How to Stop Power Thieves

The journey from an undecided college freshman at his Miami orientation to a Master's degree in Computational Science and Engineering inventing new products was just a short five year trip for Tyler Maschino, a native of Dayton, Ohio. He is now just a few days away from graduation and a job with Procter & Gamble in Albany, Georgia, having interned with P&G for the past three summers.

Undecided to Electrical Engineering

Tyler came to Miami University as an undecided major in his undergraduate program, but quickly elected to study electrical engineering. In his second year, he began considering the combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science program when he took a class in electromagnetism with Dr. Dmitriy Garmatyuk.  He learned about wireless charging through the principle of electromagnetic induction.  Tyler looked at the research being done around the country on how to power something without plugging in, and he asked the question "how do you stop someone from just stealing power from your wireless power grid?"

Research Concept

This simple question caused Tyler to dive into the research and design a simple, yet very effective, pseudorandom frequency shifting wireless power source that allows a device to sync up with the shifting frequency and power a device without being physically plugged into the wall. If your device is not properly synced to the power source, you cannot consistently draw current from the source and thereby, no theft can occur.

Watch This!

For a more technical explanation of what Tyler has accomplished, take a look at this video as he explains the basics of his work.