Paper Engineering in Austria

students in papermaking lab

Spending a month in Central Europe studying European paper engineering in Austria was the goal for students who signed up for CPB404 Winter Term 2016 with Dr. Steven Keller. In late April, Emily Allen, Lucas King, Brad Kirby, Gabbi McMullen, Alex Statzer, and Megan Stsoy shared their cultural and technical experiences with CEC faculty and staff. Learning to navigate public transportation was eye-opening as they encountered trains, trams, buses, water taxis, cabs, and planes. Whirlwind museum tours, experiencing Austria's New Year's celebration, and testing new cuisines all contributed to a great experience. They had the opportunity to visit Vienna, Solvenia, Trieste, Venice, and Florence Italy, Innsbruck, and Salzburg.

Paper Making

Graz University of Technology in Graz Austria hosted the academic classes.  TU-Graz is a research-based public engineering school, also known as the Erzherzog Johann University. Classes were intensive, early morning to evening hours; they had the opportunity to participate in 12 mill tours giving them up-close views of the different aspects of the papermaking process. "We were able to make the connection between actual papermaking and what we're learning in the classroom."

Final Thoughts and Reflections

Phenomenal weather, city tours, sunrises, sunsets, a great educational and cultural experience were the high points cited but, in the end, students reported it was the people involved that made the memories. "Those we met made us feel at home."