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No Lines, No Problem
no-linesWe toured Parliament hill in downtown Ottawa, and then had the rest of the day to work on finishing the first board game prototypes to be presented that night.
Robot Canada Finally Meets Robots
finallyBlog Post: We started the day touring Ottawa University’s campus.
Good Eats and Great Talks in Ontario
good-eatsA blog post detailing their day in Ontario.
Ontario Science Centre
science-centreThe day started off bright and early when the crew of seven awoke.
Inside Toronto
inside-torontoToday, January 3rd, was our first full day in Toronto. From most places in the city, you can look up and see the CN tower protruding out over the rest of the skyline. Finished in 1975, the CN tower stands 1815 feet high.
Snowy Road to Canada
snowy-roadWe started our journey around 10 AM, January 2nd, with the storm already half way through.
Robot Canada
canada-introDr. Peter Jamieson is leading this exciting international workshop for Miami University students.
Austria Study Abroad
austria-study-abroadExplaining the purpose of the Austria study abroad.
Picture = 1000 Words for Tyler Maschino
tyler-maschinoTyler Maschino shares why this photo taken during the Austria study abroad trip means something to him.