Students research clay bricks for cook stove applications
girls-with-bricks.jpgTwo Miami engineering students study different properties of clay bricks to see what would create the most combustion.
Doug Troy is honored by Miami Tribe
troy-doug.jpgHe creates tools to help them learn and research culture and language
Students use 3D printing to create drug releasing technology
3d-printing.jpgStudents develop scaffolds that target drug release in the body
Two Miami teams place in DOE's Race to Zero Competition
team-optimize.jpgThey combine sustainability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness into homes
ASG Outstanding Professor promotes power electronics with practical passion
mark-scott.jpgMark Scott pushes his students to build and understand the impact of their design choices
Craig Hanson's materials research might affect how we study DNA
hanson-chipping.jpgDNA microarrays are used to study disease and evolution
CEC Faculty win university awards
delisio-service-award.jpgThey were recognized for service, scholarship, and career development
Michael Rariden is recognized for his work with tissue engineering
michael-rariden.jpegHe was an honorable mention for the Goldwater Scholarship
Alex Mazursky researches fluid to help people "feel" the digital world
alex-mazursky.jpegApplications include video games and training simulations