CPAC Meeting Minutes February 2017

Prepared by: Pamela Hogeback
February 9, 2017, 8:30 a.m.
201 Alumni Hall

In Attendance: Karen Moss-Chair, Debbie Smith-Interim Vice Chair, Pamela Hogeback-Secretary, Elizabeth Mauer, Melissa Allen, Penny Mannix, Shannon Schweitzer, Vanessa Gordon, Amy Corrington, Cathy Edwards and Heather Bechtol, Human Resources (Ex-Officio)
Absent: Jason Puckett, Heather Ruhe and Lisa Raatz (Ex-Officio)


  • Agenda for today’s meeting is on the CPAC shared Google DriveThe CPAC submission for Miami Matters will include the conference date, CPAC recruitment and information about Toastmasters.
  • Volunteer still needed to connect with UPAC to arrange shared brown bag luncheons between CPAC and UPAC. Please connect with Lisa if you have an interest.
  • Jenni Bolduc has accepted a position in Illinois and will be leaving the university. We wish her the best of luck and appreciate her efforts with CPAC.
  • New representative will be needed for CODI since Jenni will no longer be with the university. Volunteers can express interest at our next meeting.
  • Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 10th. This meeting may be rescheduled due to the Women’s Symposium which is scheduled for the same day.
  • A CPAC Facebook page was discussed. Karen Moss will write a proposal and present at the next meeting. Cindy Lewis will check to see if there are any logistics that we need to consider.
  • CPAC has been invited to meet the finalist in the presidential search for the university. Date: Monday, February 15th from 2:30-3:15 in FSB 0042. Lisa to send out an official initiation.

HR Update

Heather Bechtol is our new representative from the Human Resources department. With Cindy Lewis leaving the university there are several staffing changes. Becky Dysart is now the Interim Director Employment and Labor Relations and Brenda Curry is the Interim Director of Staff Development. They have also moved Jas Minhas to Student Employment. The new front desk person is Alicia Gibson. There are many changes going on in the HR department at this time.

They are also working to make the new web site more user friendly. The new web site should make it easier to answer most HR questions within two to three clicks. Heather would like volunteers within CPAC to do a test run if possible. Please contact Heather if you can help.

Human Resources is also holding two job fairs to attract quality employees, as we have 50 open positions on campus at this time. The job fairs are being held on Saturday, February 25 from 9am to 1pm and then again on Tuesday, March 14 from 4pm to 7pm. They are also advertising in several different areas, one being a billboard on Rt. 4 in Hamilton, OH. They are also advertising in the local movie theaters with a short commercial prior to the movie starting. Both of these advertisements are letting everyone know about the increase wage/pay rate here at Miami now. They are also reaching out through Facebook and flyers through-out the county.
They are also developing a referral program for current employees who recruit good/quality employees to come to the university. There would be not monetary value attached to this at this time.

Karen asked Heather if she could give us a count of how many SATSS employees we have here at Miami. Penny Mannix was able to give us those numbers at this time. We have 566 SATSS and 719 AFSCME employees.

Coffee and Connect

Pamela Hogeback gave a report regarding the Coffee and Connect held on Thursday, January 18, 2017. Dawn Fahner and Gary Barnes were the facilitators for this meeting. The Human Resources department is trying to be more proactive instead of reactive like in the past.  They are doing their very best to make a “Positive Change.” They understand that there is morale problem on campus and are trying to address it in a positive way.

They are working with Sibson Consulting to analyze our wage compensation for classified staff here at Miami. The pay zone has not been looked at since the late 90’s. The new rate is based on regional & national market base CUPA-Higher education organizations that pulls data for this type of information.

The Human Resources department has taken on a very large initiative that will take place over the next 12-15 months. The first phase took place in mid-December 2016 with the wage minimum increases for all current employees.  The next phase will take place within the next 6-12 months.

The Human Resources department has also assigned their four Generalist to different areas within the university to work with the HR/Business Manager with each of the divisions across campus.

The Human Resources web page is undergoing a change too.  These changes should be in place by mid to late February 2017.  They are trying to make it more user friendly.

The method of annual increases is also under review, as they want to make it fair to everyone.  Over the past five or six years, it has been a straight 3% across the board. They are hoping to address wage compression for those who have been at the university for many years and feel it is not fair that a new employee start out making almost as much as someone who has been here for many years.

They also would like to have more opportunity for professional growth besides job enrichment opportunities.

Committee Reports

  • BENEFITS – Amy Corrington reported that they would not be having a meeting until the end of February.
  • SENATE – Elizabeth Maurer reported the travel ban that President Trump has imposed has brought 50 employees under travel restrictions. Dr. Crawford has petitioned the government on behalf of our staff for a stay on this executive order. This effects not only staff but also graduate students and students alike. Our attorney Robin Parker is about to roll out a new mandatory reporting of all employees and students regarding abuse, harassment etc. They are also trying to work with Parking and Transportation to come up with more parking for employees. The Pearson lot is full with construction vehicles when most of our eight to five employees arrive. These contractors pay a $90.00 a month parking fee, so the Parking and Transportation department is making money. They are looking at more employee parking at Cook field since the Admission office has/or is moving to the Shriver Center and those parking spots and also along Maple street have come off line for employee parking.
  • COUNCIL ON DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – Vanessa Gordon reported that they will have their first meeting on Friday, February 10, 2017, and would send us a report via email with any important updates.
  • I AM MIAMI – Debbie Smith reported that I am Miami is continuing sponsorship all over campus and needs to include the regional campus too. They are also continuing with the Direct connect Dear World program.
  • FISCAL PRIORITIES – Melissa Allen reported-that they have been working on the guidelines to be used across the units for an Administrative Program Review as required by the Ohio Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency. They need to review each of the six units/department, and must be able to justify each of the position. Once this has been done, it will then go to President Crawford for approval.
  • PARKING AND TRANSPORTATION –Shannon Schweitzer reported that they are studying how the traffic lights are working to keep traffic moving. They are also trying to figure out who gets red passes and who does not due to the lack of parking on campus. They are trying to steer employees and students to park in the Campus Avenue parking garage since Admission is moving to the Shriver Center. Pamela and Karen also mentioned that parking was brought up in the Coffee and Connect last month. This is something that most employees are concerned about.
  • CLASSIFIED COMPENSATION COMMITTEE - This was covered by Heather Bechtol.
  • COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Karen Moss let us know if we had not heard already that Daryl Baldwin, Citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Director of the Myaamia Center at Miami University will be the commencement speaker for the spring graduation held on May 13, 2017.

Other Business

Employee Appreciation Event: Pamela Hogeback reported that they have not met yet.

Campus Climate Survey: Karen received a request for CPAC representation on the subcommittee working on the Campus Climate Survey. Cathy Edwards volunteered to serve on this committee.

2016 SATSS Conference Assigned Subcommittees

Venue: Pamela & Cathy: We have plenty of room for 10 vendors in the lobby area of the Dolibois rooms. At this time, we have the following vendors in mind for our conference. Job Enrichment, Health & Benefits, IT booth, MU Police department, CPAC, Holiday Project and Toastmaster. Someone suggested reaching out to the Lean group. This still leave us with two tables open for other vendors if we can come up with someone.

Speakers: Karen & Heather still need to confirm who will be the speaker from the Women’s Center. Hope to have a name by next meeting.

Registration: Debbie Smith: Gave us a layout of the form that attendees would need to fill out which is just like last years. We would like to add if they plan to attend both the morning and afternoon session in order to be able to attend each of the breakout sessions. We also feel that they should receive three job enrichment points if you attend both sessions. That brought up how to take attendance for those who attend both sessions. This will be something that Shannon will address with Brenda Curry in staff development. Registration will begin Tuesday, April 18 and run until Thursday, May 18, 2017. This will give Pamela and Cathy plenty of time to get the counts to Neila for food.  An email will go out to all on the SATSS listserv via Heather. We will also put it in the Miami Matters for April.

Promotions-Karen cannot stress enough how important it is going to be for CPAC members  to be strategic in their communication and promotion of the SATSS Conference as the topic of Diversity/Inclusion can be viewed as an uncomfortable topic for some people.  She asked if any of us have had the opportunity to bring this up in our area. 

Karen and Melissa will have more information regarding promoting this event at next month’s meeting.

New Member Recruitment

Karen would like to elect officers and make new member recommendations at the April 13 meeting. Anyone interested in being Vice Chair or Secretary should reach out to Karen and let her know. Shannon Schweitzer, Penny Mannix and Amy Corrington will be reapplying so that leaves us with two open positions to fill. Karen also got approval from Ted Pickerill for Lisa Raatz to continue serving as ex-officio for another year.

Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned – Next Meeting –March 9, 2017 @ 8:30 am 106A Benton Hall.