CPAC Meeting Minutes January 2017

Prepared by: Shannon Schweitzer
January 12, 2017 @ 8:30 a.m.
201 Alumni Hall

In Attendance: Karen Moss-Chair, Debbie Smith-Vice Chair, Pamela Hogeback-Secretary, Elizabeth Mauer, Melissa Allen, Heather Ruhe, Shannon Schweitzer, and Vanessa Gordon, and Lisa Raatz (Ex-Officio)
Absent: Penny Mannix, Jason Pucket, Amy Corrington and Cathy Edwards Cindy Lewis (Ex-Officio)

CPAC Transitions

Karen Moss will be our new Chair of CPAC as Katie Pirigyi has accepted a new position as an unclassified employee so she is no longer able to serve on CPAC. Debbie Smith has agreed to step into the Vice Chair position.

Coffee and Connect

Reminder that we have three Coffee & Connects next week. The first Coffee & Connect is in Hamilton from 8:15-9:15 AM and then to Middletown from 10:30 – 11:30 AM on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Oxford campus is on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 from 8:15 – 9:15 AM. Please try to attend if at all possible.

Membership and Recruitment

We need to start reaching out to folks who we think might want to become a part of our great team. We have two maybe four positions open at this time. Karen is going to reach out to Penny Mannix and Shannon Schweitzer to see if they would like to serve again. Karen will see if Lisa Raatz can stay on the committee as Ex Officio for another year since Katie Pirigyi will not be able to serve. This leaves us with two openings. We really need to try and get someone from areas that are not represented at this time.

HR Update

  • Updates on inclement weather and closing can be found on the HR website.
  • Also, tax season is here. Don’t forget to print your W2.
  • There has been development of a new exit interview process to provide more comprehensive information to HR in regards to employment. Theresa Murphy the Interim Dir of Comp & Employment Services will share the details at a later meeting. The goal is to make Miami University a top employer.

Committee Reports

  • BENEFITS –Amy Corrington-No report at this time.
  • SENATE – Elizabeth Maurer-Nothing new at this time.
  • CAMPUS PLANNING – No information.
  • COUNCIL ON DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – Vanessa Gordon-CODI is assisting the President’s office with a project called the Mapping Project. The Mapping Project is a project to identify who is keeping track of diversity/inclusion activities and initiatives in each of division/areas on campus.
  • I AM MIAMI – Debbie Smith- Nothing new, should be meeting soon.
  • PARKING AND TRANSPORTATION –Shannon Schweitzer- Several changes are coming regarding parking for all employees of the university. Admission is moving to the Shriver Center and with this comes new parking regulations to accommodate the prospective students/parents who will visit the university. This includes parking along Maple Street and the Shriver center west parking lot being used for prospective students/parents during regular business hours. Parking is working on identifying new areas for employees to park in the future until then we have been given additional parking at Cook field. Also, the university has taken steps to show support of Amtrak putting a stop here in Oxford. Shannon will come up with a statement for CPAC to show our support of this project.
  • CLASSIFIED COMPENSATION COMMITTEE-Penny Mannix- No update at this time.
  • COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER ADVISORY COMMITTEE-Karen Moss-They are close to making a decision. 

Other Business

We need a representative for the Fiscal Priorities committee. Melissa Allen will be our representative for the Fiscal Priorities Committee.

We also have been asked to for a CPAC representative for the Staff Appreciation committee.
Pamela Hogeback will be our representative.

2017 SATSS Conference Assigned Subcommittees


Pamela & Cathy- met with Neila Hanges yesterday and discuss what we envision the room to look like as we would like to keep our event in the 3 John Dolibois rooms and not have to use the Heritage room if at all possible. We are going to use the middle room in class room style with chairs on both sides so that no one has their back to the speaker at any given time. We will use the outer two rooms as our break out rooms, they will be set up as class room style too. We will use the lobby are coming into the John Dolibois rooms as our vendor area. We should be able to hold 8-10 vendors. Shannon was asked to help follow up with the vendors for this event. We have the following vendors in mind. Job Enrichment, Health & Benefits, IT booth, MU Police department, CPAC, Holiday Project and Toastmaster.


Karen & Heather are confirming our speakers for the conference.


Debbie Smith will get the registration ready so we can go live with it in early April.


Karen & Melissa via Miami Matters and Facebook. Debbie and Elizabeth volunteered to help with the Facebook page and Karen will give them access to the page so they can edit and post on behalf of CPAC.
Karen mentioned that she believes CPAC will have to be strategic in their communication and promotion of the SATSS Conference as the topic of Diversity/Inclusion can be viewed as an uncomfortable topic for some people. She asked members to look for opportunities in their areas to bring up the topic to get any sense of the climate for the talks. CPAC will discuss this issue more at the next meeting.

Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned – Next Meeting –February 9, 2017 @ 8:30 am 201 Alumni Hall.