CPAC Meeting Minutes July 2017

Prepared by: Pamela Hogeback
July 13, 2017

In Attendance: Shannon Schweitzer - Chair, Debbie Smith- Vice Chair, Pamela Hogeback – Secretary, , Penny Mannix, Vanessa Gordon, Amy Corrington, and Melissa Allen and Cathy Edwards, Laura Desmond, Debbie Newman, Fabienne Bohon, Sheila Williams and Lisa Raatz and Heather Bechtol-ex-officio
Absent: Elizabeth Maurer


We have four new CPAC members: Laura Desmond; Global Initiatives, Fabienne Bohon; Goggin Ice Center, Sheila Williams; Physical Facilities and Debbie Newman; Regional Student Services Hamilton Campus.

HR Update

Heather Bechtol gave an update on what is going on in HR. Dawn Fahner would like to have another Coffee and Connect sometime in January or February 2018 regarding the pay changes. Classified staff received a 2% increase instead of the 3% we have received in years past due to budget cuts from the state. Sibson is working with HR regarding job title/pay zone changes. Job Enrichment Points went up 10% this year. Heather also stated we only have 22 employees who have reached the max in their pay zones. They are trying to find a way to give bonuses to these 22 employees in two lump sums. More to come as they determine what will work.

Committee Reports

We need a new representative from CPAC to represent the Parking and Transportation committee. Fab Bohon said she would be happy to represent CPAC on this committee.

Other Business

General Discussion Items: We will be taking the official CPAC photo at the September 14 meeting, we ask everyone to “dress for success”. We also reminded everyone of the Strengths Finder debriefing on July 20. We would like everyone to email Shannon with any Vice Chair nomination prior to our debriefing on July 20. We will be voting after our Strengths Finder session. We still need to address the changes in the bylaws and Shannon asked for suggestions to be handled via google documents. President Crawford will attend our September 14 meeting also. Shannon feels that he just wants to touch base with us and see if he can help in anyway. More to come.

CPAC 5K and holiday Project: Elizabeth was unable to attend. We tabled the idea of doing a 5K this year for the Holiday Project but still feel the need to help. Sheila Williams told us about the 1-25 envelopes that they have done at her church and it has been very successful in the past. We could net quite a bit of money doing this. Katie Pirigyi has also gotten two $50.00 gift certificates from Carillon Catering for us to raffle off again this year. Shannon has raffle tickets for anyone who wants to sell them. The drawing for the two gift certificates will be at the end of the Benefit fair, which is October 3 in Oxford and October 4 at the Regionals Campuses. Several of the members like the idea of going out and purchasing items that the children need. Shannon will ask Anita for a list.

Coffee and Connect: We need to find a speaker. We discussed President Crawford or Renate Crawford and when would be a good time to plan this. Fall 2017 or next J term? Shannon is going to contact the president’s office and see if we can find a good time to do it.

SATSS Conference Date: We are looking at Thursday, May 24, which is the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. Graduation is later this year (May 19th & 20) so we need to keep that in mind too. Shannon will check and see if Farmer School of Business has space for us on that day and will let us know next meeting.

Recommendations to HR/President: Classified staff representation on all search committees. Lisa will follow up to find out how we can make this happen.JEP eligibility before one-year mark. Shannon is going to reach out to Rachael Rude to see if she will come speak at our next meeting to address this question.

Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned – Next Meeting –August 10, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. 257 Garland Hall. Be prepared for a group photo!