CPAC Meeting Minutes June 2017

Prepared by: Lisa Raatz
June 8, 2017

In Attendance: Karen Moss - Chair, Debbie Smith, Shannon Schweitzer – Vice Chair, Penny Mannix, Vanessa Gordon, Amy Corrington, Elizabeth Maurer, Cathy Edwards, and Melissa Allen. Lisa Raatz and Heather Bechtol-ex-officio
Absent: Pamela Hogeback and Amy Corrington


Heather Ruhe has resigned from CPAC. A card was signed by all and will be sent to her by Karen.

New Members: With Heather Ruhe’s resignation, that created four vacancies to fill. We received five new applications. After review of the applications received, three were chosen to be voted on. Shannon made a motion to recommend Fabienne Bohon, Laura Desmond, and Deborah Newman as new members. Motion was seconded by Penny. All in favor. Motion passed.

It was decided to pull the applications from those received last year to inquire if the interest to join is still there and the committee will vote on the fourth recommendation via email. Debbie will forward the applications to the group. Once we receive the last recommendation, Karen will send all four to Ted.

Holiday Project: The question was brought forth of how CPAC would like to contribute to the Holiday Project this year in addition to volunteering to wrap and/or shop. What will we, as a committee, do to raise money for the project? Shannon made a motion for CPAC to host a 5K. Cathy seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion carried. The title could be something like, “Run with Renata” all proceeds to benefit the Miami Holiday Project. Our goal will be to raise $2,000. Elizabeth is taking the lead with the 5K. She will make a plan and check with Renata to see what will fit into her schedule.

HR Update

Heather Bechtol gave an update on what is going on in HR. 

  • A job fair took place Tuesday, June 6, at Garden Commons for entry-level positions in food service and custodial departments. There were 27 people who attended! When asked how they heard about it, the majority of folks said it was from word of mouth. HR has created referral cards for Miami employees to take and pass out to people.
  • Leave conversion is coming soon where some sick time that has been accumulated will be converted to personal time.
  • The compensation committee met on Tuesday, the recommendations that they have were voted on, and moving up to senior management now.

    A question was brought forward to the group regarding job enrichment points for new staff that are on the probation period. Is there a way for JE points to be banked? Karen suggested that we come up with a recommendation from CPAC that we can put forward to HR.

  • It was inquired of Heather if she is able to get stats of the SATSS employees on campus. She will check into it. Heather will also get the budget info to Karen as well.

Committee Reports

  • University Senate (Elizabeth Maurer) – Senate is considering a proposal for a prize for folks that complete the upcoming climate survey.
  • Fiscal Priorities (Melissa Allen) – Melissa referred to the president’s email about the Governor wanting to cut the budget for four-year colleges. Miami wants to give raises, but we don’t know how much based on this information.

Other Business

  • It was brought to our attention that there was no classified staff representation on the search committee for the Dean of FSB. Karen suggested that we create a formal proposal for representation on higher-level vacancies. Tabled until next meeting.
  • The bylaws need updated with special attention to the recruitment, terms, and filling of vacancies. The website will need to be updated to mirror the bylaws as well.
  • The Benefits Fair is coming soon. Oct. 3 from 9-4:30 in Oxford, Oct. 4 for the regionals. There will be more discussion of this at a later time. However, the website is updated with the dates already.
  • Shannon suggested that CPAC members do the Strengthfinders workbook. Once Karen gets the budget info, we will order the books for those who wants to participate.
  • Karen is having a party at her house for CPAC members on June 22! All are invited!

Conference Review

Lots of discussion around the conference and the feedback received. We went over the survey that was sent out to those who attended. There were 125 in attendance and we received 60 responses equaling 50% feedback! Awesome! Some items to take note of for next year that were discussed:

Assign a CPAC member to each speaker to serve as liaison.

  • Change up the format of the day
  • Change location (possibly Farmer)
  • Record sessions
  • Floating mic in sessions
  • President to send out encouragement to managers to let staff attend
  • Have a description of breakouts on the program and promotions
  • Insert the bios of speakers in program
  • Keynote….Bennyce??
  • Next year’s theme? Leadership
    • Work/life integration
    • Understanding personalities

    • Conflict resolution
    • Emotional quotient

    • How to work in teams
    • Resume’s & interviews

    • What’s new – keeping up with change
    • It is noted that the CPAC website has been updated with the pictures from the conference now.

Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned – Next Meeting –July 10, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. 257 Garland Hall.