CPAC Meeting Minutes March 2017

Prepared by: Pamela Hogeback
 March 9, 2017

In Attendance: Debbie Smith-Interim Vice Chair, Pamela Hogeback-Secretary,  Elizabeth Maurer, Melissa Allen, Penny Mannix, Shannon Schweitzer, Vanessa Gordon, Amy Corrington, Cathy Edwards, Heather Bechtol, Human Resources (Ex-Officio) and Lisa Raatz (Ex-Officio)
Absent: Jason Puckett, Karen Moss-Chair


Lisa Raatz spoke about the article in the Miami Matters this Friday. It’s all about the SATSS conference on May 25, 2017.

Debbie Smith reminded us that at the next meeting we will vote on new officers and make recommendation for new members.

HR Update

Heather said there are still changes going on when it comes to staff in the HR department.  Ashley Martin is moving over to FSB and her position has been posted. Things are taking a little longer to get done.  Please be patient. 

Sherry Schilling in the Human Resources Benefits and Wellness is doing a pilot program for women called “Spending within Your Means”. Sherry is looking for women to participate.  This will take place on Thursday, March 22, 2017, from 1:30-3:00 p.m. in the Bystrom Room in Shriver Center.  If you are interested, please contact Sherry.

Cassie Wilson from Benefits and Wellness wanted to make sure we know about the upcoming Walk for 7 challenge and the spring Hawk Walk. Heather Bechtol will be sending each of us a copy of the fliers for these events.

Heather wanted us to know that the employment event on February 25 at the Garden Commons only had 13 people come and apply for the 50+ open positions on campus. They are hoping for more people come to the March 14 event from 4-7p.m. at Garden Commons.  She feels that they will be holding these types of events in the future only once or twice a year.

Heather is also looking for anyone who would like to test drive the new HR website on Thursday, April 13, 2017.  Please reach out to Heather if you can help.

Dawn Fahner also wanted to remind us that we could only serve light refreshments and small give a-ways at the upcoming SATSS conference.

Committee Reports

  • BENEFITS – Amy Corrington-No updates at this time.
  • SENATE – Elizabeth Maurer-Working with Ron Scott to re-word the Diversity Statement in order for it to align better with the Code of Love and Honor statement.
  • COUNCIL ON DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – Vanessa Gordon-No updates at this time.
  • I AM MIAMI – Debbie Smith-Spoke about working on the diversity statement with Ron Scott too.  We will talk about the new diversity statement next meeting.
  • FISCAL PRIORITIES – Melissa Allen-Spoke about Miami University is more financial secure, than most
    university at this time. Debbie asked if we knew what brought this on.  Melissa felt it had to do with state funding.
  • PARKING AND TRANSPORTATION – Shannon Schweitzer- Spoke about the traffic study being conducted by Michael Baker International.  In a 24-hour period, there were 56,600 to and from campus stops.​ ​In a span of 13-hours, there were 83,700 pedestrian crossings.​ Many vehicles commit traffic violations daily when parking in restricted areas, such as a fire lane or bike lane, for drop off or pick up of a passenger. Another related traffic issue would be the u-turns. ​They are working to add more parking at the CPA building and Bachelor hall along with Cook field.  They are looking at removing the circle driveway on the north side of Shriver center and adding short term parking/quick in and out spots behind Shriver center in the east parking lot.  This is still being discussed at this time. They are also looking at putting in "Refuge Islands" on Patterson Avenue.  
  • CLASSIFIED COMPENSATION COMMITTEE - Penny Mannix- No updates at this time.
    • Venue Pamela & Cathy- No update at this time.  Lisa Raatz confirmed again that we have IT services has a vendor.  Randy Holloway will be the person at the table.  Lori Kramer will be the person at the Lean table. Shannon spoke with Rachel Rude in the Staff Development department regarding the points for someone who would like to attend all 4 break-out sessions. You will need to swipe in for all for breakout session in order to get the 3 points.  If you attend the Keynote session, all four-breakout sessions and the closing session, you would receive 4.25 points.  Here is the breakdown: Keynote-1 pt. each session = .75 or total of 3 pts. Closing - .25 pt. for a total of 4.25. They must use their Miami ID to swipe.  We talked about having signage about swiping for each breakout.  Pamela will bring several easels for the signs. We will address signage at our next meeting.
    • Speakers- Heather will be sending out a follow-up letter to each of the speakers asking them if they have any technological needs to let her know by April 1.
    • Registration & Name tags-Debbie Smith talked about nametags for the conference and we all agreed it might be nice to have the years of service on each of the registrants’ nametags.  Debbie will be sending CPAC members a draft of the updated registration form.
    • Promotions-Melissa Allen spoke about the flyer for the conference. We still do not know who will be the speaker from the Women’s Center. Hope to know soon.

Other Business

Need approval of the minutes from the last meeting.  Elizabeth brought up that we needed to put another R in her name.  Heather Bechtol brought up that Jas Minhause misspelled it should be Jas Minhas.  Elizabeth Maurer made the motion to approve with the changes mentioned and Cathy Edwards seconded the motion to approve.

Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned – Next Meeting –April 13, 2017 @ 8:30 am 257 Garland Hall.