CPAC Meeting Minutes September 2017

Prepared by: Lisa Raatz
September 14, 2017

In Attendance: Shannon Schweitzer- Chair, Melissa Allen – Vice Chair, Amy Corrington, Elizabeth Maurer, Laura Desmond, Sheila Williams, Fab Bohon, Debbie Newman, and Melissa Allen. Lisa Raatz and Heather Bechtol-ex-officio
Absent: Penny Mannix, Vanessa Gordon, Cathy Edwards, Debbie Smith, and Pamela Hogeback


Group photo is scheduled for our next meeting on 10/12/17.
Oxford Coffee & Connect scheduled for 9/19/17.

HR Update

Heather Bechtol gave an update of what is happening in HR:

  • There are a lot of items on the HR “to do” list. They have been working on prioritizing. These items will be discussed at the Coffee & Connect!
  • The Benefits Fair is October 3 in Oxford from 930am-430pm. Shannon will send an email to Heather with the details of what we are giving away at our booth.
  • Heather also shared that they are short-staffed and they have been very busy with the start of school. They have posted positions but ask for our patience until they can be fully staffed again.

Committee Reports

  • Benefits – Health insurance is the same, there are no changes! The dental changed to the enhancement program. This means that the cost of cleaning will not go against the deductible.
  • Senate – The Provost announced that this is the most diverse class yet! However, there is a drop in enrollment for the regional campuses. Pres. Crawford made a statement about DACA. He mentioned that all immigration people are not bad. They do good things for us as well.
  • Fiscal Priorities – Dr. Creamer’s budget presentation seemed gloomy, but Miami has prepared for it. Pres. Crawford talked about the big campaign and that we are pushing forward!
  • Parking – At the meeting, they summarized all the things going on regarding the Maple street renovation and the Shriver parking lot. This has added 50+ additional parking spaces. They put in a grant for underground parking, but it was rejected. It is too low on the priority list. It was noted that parking operates in a debt loss and they actually don’t make any money. It would be good for employees to hear about a financial report at times.

Other Business

  • Pride awards were briefly discussed. There is money set aside and is equally divided among the divisions for classified and unclassified staff. There is an amount allotted for each classification. Each division decides how they want to distribute it.
  • There was discussion about the meeting schedule for 2018. Do we want to change locations? Change times? All agreed that the times are good and to keep it at 8:30-10 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month. However, all were favorable to change locations on campus. Send Shannon suggestions via email and she will draft the 2018 schedule.
  • UPAC has a new chair now and would like to talk about partnering with CPAC on initiatives. It was decided to table this until next year, but could possibly have a UPAC member and a CPAC member attend a meeting respectively. Shannon will mention it to the chair. The next UPAC meeting is Oct. 10 from 9-10:30 a.m. in Shriver.
  • Recommendations to HR/Pres: There were a few comments brought forth from fellow classified staff:
    • Classified staff representation on search committees. Shannon will email Heather our recommendation.
    • Classified staff lost vacation hours. Would it be possible to send a warning email to those staff members who will lose vacation time unless it is used? Heather will check into it.
    • Lost ID cards. Propose a one-time replacement nominal fee. Melissa will contact Lori Cramer with our recommendation.

Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned – Next Meeting –October 12, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. 257 Garland Hall. Be prepared for a group photo!