Staff members enjoying and engaging presentation at a workshop

New Faculty Teaching Enhancement Program

As a new faculty member at Miami University, it takes time to feel like you're part of the larger Miami Community. We can help speed up that process. Join our New Faculty Teaching Enhancement Program (NFTEP) and meet your colleagues—all of whom share the common desire to enhance their teaching skills.

While developing relationships that could last the length of your career, you'll learn from each other and with each other. Share innovative teaching strategies, attend seminars and workshops, and access a wealth of information about the learning and teaching process.

How does NFTEP work?

Join us for the opening event

Meet new colleagues who, like yourself, are interested in learning new strategies to enhance teaching. Discuss opportunities, problems, and solutions encountered when teaching. Your facilitator for NFTEP is Gregg Wentzell, Interim Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence. Gregg has over 20 years of experience with college teaching and faculty development and coordinates the CTE's small-group instructional diagnosis (SGID) formative assessments. He is Managing Editor of the peer-reviewed Journal on Excellence in College Teaching and Learning Communities Journal and Associate Director of the Lilly Conference on College Teaching.

First Session: Please RSVP and let us know which one of the three meetings you will be attending, so enough food can be ordered. If you have any dietary restrictions, please include these with your RSVP.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Thursday, September 13, 2018 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Attend 8 events during one semester

Events include seminars, luncheon-learning sessions, and even the program’s own events. These seminars are offered by a number of offices:

  • Events offered by the NFTEP Program.
  • Events listed on the Center for Teaching Excellence calendarPlease note that you will need to register for each event. You will find registration links on the page.
  • King Library in Oxford holds workshops on technology. eLearning Miami (ELM) will offer sessions on our Learning Management System at the beginning of the semester. You may do up to half your sessions on technology.
  • The Howe Center for Writing Excellence offers writing workshops.
  • The Centers for Teaching and Learning in Middletown and Hamilton offer seminars and conversations.
  • You may earn up to half your sessions by attending the Lilly Conference on College Teaching. When you register, mark your institution as Miami University and indicate that you are a member of NFTEP, and the cost of your registration will be zero (not counting meals or preconference events). Register early (by Sept. 30) because seating is limited. Please note: We encourage you to register for the conference. However, if you register and do not attend, your development funds will be reduced by the $50 Miami registration fee.

Keep a reflective journal

Write a reflection about each session you attend and a short summary statement about the program overall at the end.

Complete a teaching project

You might choose, for example, to revise your syllabus or lesson plans for a unit. Your project should result in some kind of tangible product, plus a one- or two-page reflection by you on the strengths and weaknesses of this project. You should be prepared to share something about your project at the closing event for the term.

Receive $400

On completion of the program, you will receive $400 of professional development funds to be used by June 1. Enhance your teaching skills by traveling to workshops, enrolling in professional memberships, or purchasing items for classroom use such as books.

Enroll in NFTEP