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Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement Program

As a graduate student, the idea of teaching a class is now a reality. Sure, you know your stuff, but are you confident that you can teach it? Gain skills and confidence as a teacher through Miami University’s Graduate Student Programs.

While developing the necessary skills to engage your students, you will also develop relationships with other graduate students and faculty that could last the length of your career. Share innovative teaching strategies, attend seminars and workshops, and develop your own teaching philosophy.


  • Promote the effectiveness of graduate students as teachers at Miami University, thus enhancing their overall productivity and satisfaction.
  • Provide foundational skills for graduate students who may seek an academic career.
  • Create interdisciplinary connections and community among graduate students at MU.
  • Support the undergraduate teaching mission of Miami by enhancing the effectiveness of the instruction they receive from graduate students.

The Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement Program is a community of practice modeled after and overlapping with the PostDoc Teaching Enhancement Program (PosTEP) also offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence. Two levels of participation in GSTEP are available, Core and Affiliate.

Membership is open to all Miami graduate students.

Jennifer Blue will facilitate GSTEP for Fall/Spring 2018-2019.

Core Program

Join us for the opening event

Meet other graduate students who, like yourself, are all interested in developing their teaching skills. Begin to discuss opportunities, problems and solutions encountered during teaching. Ask any questions you may have regarding our program.

Attend 8 events during one semester

Events include seminars, luncheon-learning sessions, and even the program’s opening and closing events. These seminars can be conducted by a number of departments, as long as the focus is on enhancing your teaching skills.

Keep a reflective journal

Keep a reflective journal and write a one-page reaction paper about the sessions you attend.

Complete a teaching project

For example, a teaching philosophy and outline of a teaching portfolio.

Receive credit and cash

Attend a closing session and receive a certificate of recognition, 1 hour of course credit (GSC 601), and $200 for professional expenses (to be spent by June 1st). Enhance your teaching skills by traveling to workshops, enrolling in professional memberships, or purchasing items for classroom use such as books.

Affiliate Program

Attend 4 events during one semester

Attend a total of 4 events offered by the GSTEP Program, the Center for Teaching Excellence, Liberal Education, eLearning, Howe Writing Center, or up to 2 at the Lilly Conference on College Teaching

Keep a reflective journal

Keep a reflective journal and write a one-page reaction paper about the sessions you attend.

Receive a certificate of recognition

Attend a closing session and receive a certificate of recognition

Meeting Dates

Meetings Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 pm and Thursdays 11:40 am-12:40 pm will be in 320 Laws Hall and will feature a free meal.

  • Meeting 1: Tuesday, January 29 or Thursday, January 31
  • Meeting 2: Tuesday, February 12 or Thursday, Februray 14
  • Meeting 3: Tuesday, March 12 or Thursday, March 14
  • Meeting 4: Tuesday, April 2 or Thursday, April 4
  • Meeting 5: Tuesday, April 16 or Thursday, April 18
  • Meeting 6: Tuesday, May 7 or Thursday, May 9

Enroll in GSTEP