Handling Emotional and Life-Challenging Problems (HELP!) With College Students: The Faculty-Staff Dilemma

College students face a variety of issues today that were not as prevalent on college campuses in previous decades. In addition, college campuses are expected to address these issues, and faculty and staff play a key role in meeting that expectation. This session will introduce faculty and staff to protocols and resources that can be used when students face a critical incident or their behavior poses a concern.

Presented by: Susan Mosley-Howard, Educational Psychology and Associate Vice President & Dean of Students; and Kip C. Alishio, Psychology and Student Counseling Services

Susan Mosley-Howard, Associate Vice President & Dean of Students since 2003, holds degrees from The University of Michigan and Michigan State University. She joined Miami University in 1983 and served in Student Counseling Services until joining the department of educational psychology faculty in 1988. She still teaches counseling in her department and her scholarship is in the area of minority mental health and educational-developmental interventions with children and adolescents.

Kip Alishio, trained as a clinical psychologist, joined Student Counseling Services in 1985 and has served as Director since 1992. He has nearly 30 years of experience providing mental health services to university students.

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