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Nursing is a “people profession” and more men are signing up
Since 2012 at Miami, eight to 15 men on average have been part of the program of 80 students, said Paula Harrison, assistant chair of the department of nursing and associate professor of nursing.Twenty years ago, Mark Ball considered going into nursing but ended up changing his mind because of what he perceived as a gender stereotype. Instead, he got a job driving heavy equipment. “I was good at it, it was good money, but I hated it,” said Ball, 42, of Oxford. “There were no people interactions.” With his kids now teenagers, Ball is back in school, pursuing what he always wanted to do — become a nurse.
How a University and a Tribe Are Teaming Up to Revive a Lost Language
http://www.yesmagazine.org/peace-justice/how-a-university-and-a-tribe-began-mending-ties-and-revived-a-lost-language-20180509, May 9
Miami's incoming class reaches new heights
Move-in day, Class of 2021 (photos by Scott Kissell).Following May 1 confirmations, Miami University anticipates welcoming its largest incoming class ever this fall, exceeding 3,900 first-year students. It will be the most diverse cohort to ever enroll on the Oxford campus.
Student Success Center helps those in need
Miami University's Student Success Center announces new ways to help people in need.
Miami community invited to hear One Miami Campus Climate Survey results
Results of the One Miami Campus Climate Survey will be available next week to the university community. Faculty, staff and students responded to the survey last fall.
Baldwin keynote focuses on preserving Myaamia culture
http://www.tahlequahdailypress.com/news/ keynote-focuses-on-preserving-myaamia-culture/article_3a164c36-2c63-5f36-8935-6f1f3fc930f0.html, Apr. 19
A news photo ignited Miami's Truman Scholarship recipient Sara Al-Zubi's passion for the health and well-being of refugees
Miami student Sara Al-Zubi spent time working with young children in Bangkok while participating in the 2017 Humanitarian Affairs University Scholars Leadership Symposium.The Harry S. Truman Scholarship honors the nation’s future public servants and change agents, but Miami University’s Sara Al-Zubi, a 2018 recipient, decided the future was too far away. She’s making an impact now.
Worldwide book debut is a highlight of Miami Convocation
A worldwide exclusive awaits Miami University freshmen in the start of their college careers next fall: They will be the first to receive copies of the highly anticipated Wil Haygood book, TIGERLAND: 1968-1969, A City Divided, a Nation Torn Apart, and a Magical Season of Healing.
Five ways physics students and faculty help create community
Through student-led organizations and mentoring, faculty research on gender bias and stereotypes in physics, and other projects, Miami's physics department works to support undergraduate success.