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Miami's Myaamia Center receives NSF grant for "Breath of Life" project
The Myaamia Center at Miami University has been awarded a $182,406 grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the "National Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages" project.
Best Intercultural Classroom Practices: Top Issues
2016bestIntercultural160x90.jpgVideo of CTE Seminar presented by Jeannie Ducher, Dale Ehrlich, and Tony Cimasko on March 4, 2016 (mp4, 670 mb, 84 minutes)
Why Is It So Hard to Talk About DIfficult Topics, Such as Race and How Can We Get Better at It?
2015DiffConvos160x160.jpgVideo of CTE Seminar presented by Stephen Quaye on February 25, 2015 (mp4, 605 mb, 76 minutes)
Facilitating Intercultural Communication and Teamwork Among International and Domestic Students
2014InterculturalCommunication160x129.jpgVideo of CTE Seminar presented by Jim Porter, Heidi McKee, and Tony Cimasko on March 4, 2014 (mp4, 268 mb, 61 minutes)
How to Be Understood By Everyone in the Classroom: Adapting Instruction For International Learners
2014understood160x107.jpgVideo of CTE Seminar presented by Jeannie Ducher, Jessica Downey, and Dale Ehrlich on February 20 2014 (mp4, 425 mb, 98 minutes)
Our International Students: Where They Came From, How They Got Here, and What We're Doing for Them
2014ourinternational160x107.jpgVideo of CTE Seminar presented by Molly Heideman, Amy Cockrell, Jennifer Ward, and Aaron Bixler on January 14, 2014 (mp4, 132 mb, 93 minutes)
The ACE Program and Chinese vs. American Student Experiences
2016ACE_Experience160x160.jpgVideo of CTE Seminar presented by Carol Olausen on February 11, 2016 (mp4, 679 mb, 85 minutes)
Microaggressions in Higher Education: Manifestations, Dynamics, and Impact
Sue_2013Plenary160x158.jpgVideo of Lilly Conference Plenary Session presented by Derald Sue Wing on November 22, 2013 (mp4, 292 mb, 66 minutes)
How Research-Based Approaches to Cross-Cultural Teachings Can Inform Our Practice: Findings and Implications From a National Study of Indigenous Teaching
Asmar_2012150x128.jpgVideo of Lilly Conference plenary session presented by Christine Asmar on November 17, 2012 (mp4, 504 mb, 51 minutes)