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MPT 221 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)

Introduction to the purposes of financial statements and the recognition, measurement, and disclosure concepts and methods underlying financial statements. Focus is on using and interpreting financial statements and on understanding the impact of transactions and events on financial statements and financial ratios.

MPT 222 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3)

Introduction to the uses of accounting information provided managers in production, service, and resale businesses. Focus is on classifying, measuring, and analyzing product and service costs for decision making, preparing budgets, and evaluating performance.

MPT 225 The Accounting Process (1)

Study and application of the double-entry accounting system of recording and processing transactions and events and the preparation of financial statements. Prerequisite: ACC 221. Credit/No Credit only.

MPT 321 Intermediate Financial Accounting (3)

Study of the conceptual framework and standard-setting process followed by the application and evaluation of generally accepted accounting principles underlying financial statements. Focus is on recording and reporting intermediate-level transactions and events in accordance with authoritative standards related to the recognition, measurement, and disclosure of assets, liabilities, owners' equity, revenues, expenses, gains, and losses. Prerequisite: ACC 225.

330 Professional Practice (0)

Students participating in an internship program register for this course during the semester they are on work assignment. Prerequisite: permission of departmental internship coordinator.

333 Managerial Cost Accounting (3)

Focuses on the roles firm strategy and management accounting information play in managing products, services, and customers. Emphasizes volume-based and activity-based cost calculations, customer profitability analysis, long-term pricing decisions, make/buy and mix decisions, target costing, short-term variable costing-based pricing decisions, and theory of constraint-based pricing and mix decisions. Prerequisite: ACC 222.

361 Modeling Business Processes in Accounting Information Systems (3)

Introduction to accounting information systems (AIS) as an enterprise-wide, process-focused information system. Also focuses on modeling business processes for AIS by studying processes and learning how to build information systems to support them. Uses data modeling tools such as the REAL model and entity-relationship diagrams to construct relational database systems. Prerequisites: ACC 225 and MIS 235.

383 Comparative Accounting (4)

Provides a means to perform comparative analyses of financial accounting and tax issues and systems by comparing standard setting process, tax policy issues, and accounting and tax treatment of various transactions. General issues in international taxation and various aspects of foreign direct investment (from the firm and governments' perspectives) are covered. Summer only and offered abroad. Prerequisite: ACC 221 and permission of instructor.

MPT 422/522 Financial Accounting Research (3)

Study of professional research methods and resources used for financial accounting and reporting. Focuses on the application of research methods and resources, through case analyses, to determine applicable recognition, measurement, and disclosure standards for advanced-level transactions and events. Credit not applicable to the Master of Accountancy degree. Prerequisite: ACC 321.

433/533 Management Accounting for Processes (3)

Focuses on the roles firm strategy and management accounting information play in managing business processes. Emphasizes value chain analysis, business process re-engineering, balanced scorecard performance measurement, benchmarking, master budgeting and variance analysis, process value analysis, nonfinancial operational performance measurement, and throughput accounting. Prerequisites: ACC 333 and MGT 302.

443/543 Federal Income Tax Accounting (3)

Study of the basic features of the federal income tax system. Focuses on the determination of taxable income of individuals and corporations and on the effects of tax laws and regulations on decision making. Credit not applicable to Master of Accountancy degree. Prerequisite: ACC 221.

452/552 Internal Auditing (3)

Focuses on the theory and practice of auditing within organizations. Covers internal auditing standards, overview of operational, performance and compliance type audits, and the application of common internal audit techniques. Prerequisites: ACC 333 and ACC 361.

453/553 Financial Statement Auditing (3)

Introduction to financial statement audits conducted by independent public accountants. Emphasizes the technical knowledge and skills required by entry-level auditors to meet professional standards, plan and perform audits, and communicate results. Credit not applicable to the Master of Accountancy degree. Prerequisites: ACC 321 and ACC 361.

461/561 Accounting for Business Combinations (2)

Accounting for mergers and acquisitions with emphasis on preparation of consolidated financial statements. Prerequisite: ACC 321.

463/563 Survey of International Accounting and Reporting (1)

Survey of international financial accounting and measurement issues. Compares American standards with those of other major countries and examines harmonization efforts in the European Union and internationally. Prerequisite: ACC 321.

MPT 468/568 Accounting for Governmental Organizations (2)

Application of accounting principles of governmental organizations with emphasis on fund accounting, budgetary control, and financial reporting. Prerequisite: ACC 221, 222, and 225.

MPT 469/569 Accounting for Nongovernmental Not-For-Profit Organizations (1)

An overview of financial and managerial accounting issues for health care institutions, public and private colleges and universities, and voluntary health and welfare organizations with a focus on assessing an organization's use of resources in light of its mission. Prerequisite: ACC 468/568.

477 Independent Study (1-3)

Must be approved by instructor and department chair.

615 Accounting and Management Decision Making (3)

Introduction to financial accounting designed for graduate students who do not have an accounting background. Thrust of the course is from user rather than preparer perspective. Prepares future managers to interpret and utilize financial information in their future careers in business. Students will understand basic accounting principles and methods that underlie published financial reports. Credit not applicable to Master of Accountancy degree.

616 Managerial Accounting (2)

Study and evaluation of the types of accounting information relevant to internal management decisions, including estimated costs associated with the resource acquisition, estimated and actual costs of products and services, cost behavior, activity-based costing, and budgeting. Internal decisions supported by accounting information include pricing and product mix decisions, outsourcing, cost-volume-profit trade-offs, staffing for operations and department capacity, productivity improvement, and analysis of operations. Credit not applicable to the Master of Accountancy degree.

618 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3)

Intermediate-level course for M.B.A., non-accounting majors, to develop understanding of accounting concepts and relationships underlying financial data, and to explain the uses and limitations of accounting data in the analysis and control of operations. Credit not applicable to the Master of Accountancy degree. Prerequisite: admission to M.B.A. program and ACC 221 and 222.

621 Perspectives on Financial Accounting and Reporting (3)

Study of theories on standards setting and policy choices in financial accounting and reporting and application of these theories and other perspectives to contemporary accounting issues. Theories and perspectives examined include the classical (normative-deductive)

theory, globalization of capital markets and financial reporting, efficient markets hypothesis, social choice and economic consequences, and positive theory. Prerequisite: ACC 422/522.

622 Information for Business Valuation and Decisions (3)

Framework and skills to analyze financial information for business valuation and capital allocation decisions including applications through case analysis. Emphasis on using financial information for four types of analyses: business strategy, accounting, financial, and prospective. Prerequisite: ACC 321 or 671.

630 Graduate Professional Practice (0)

Graduate students participating in an internship program register for this course during the semester they are on work assignment. Prerequisite: Permission of departmental internship coordinator.

633 Management Control Systems (3)

Study of issues and considerations in the design of control systems for business unit managers, including the impact on management behavior and decision-making of responsibility centers, strategy, budgeting, performance measurements including income and return-on-investment, and management compensation plans. Prerequisite: ACC 333.

643 Income Tax Research (3)

Study of effects of federal income tax on business decisions, methods of minimizing taxes and maximizing after tax cash flows, use of current tax reporting services and other reference materials in research and reporting on complex cases. Prerequisite: ACC 443.

644 Taxation of Business Entities (3)

Consideration of the unique tax aspects of the formation, operation, and liquidation of corporations (including S corporations)

and partnerships, and the tax effects of these forms of conducting business on their owners. Prerequisite: ACC 443.

653 Professional Practice of Auditing (3)

Focuses on fundamentals and emerging issues related to the practice of auditing and involves researching and resolving practice-oriented problems. In addition to other relevant topics, the course covers audit sampling, EDP auditing, and computer-assisted audit techniques. Prerequisite: ACC 453/553.

661 Accounting Information Systems (3)

Study and development of accounting information systems and aspects of control. Focuses on accounting system as a process-focused, enterprise-wide information system and includes special topics concerning current issues. Provides hands-on experience with accounting, graphical documentation, and database software. Prerequisite: ACC 221 or 615, MIS 235 or 625, or equivalent course work in accounting and information systems.

665 The Accountant as Consultant (3)

Study of consulting from an accountancy perspective. Describes the evolution of the accounting profession into consulting practice areas. The course describes the consulting process and emphasizes consulting skills needed by accounting professionals. The course also describes consulting opportunities related to the field of accountancy. Prerequisites: ACC 221 or ACC 615, MIS 235 or 625, or equivalent courses.

671 Financial Accounting and Decision Making (3)

Focuses on issues related to preparation and understanding of financial statements. Emphasizes analysis of current financial statements and the implications of accounting choice on financial statements. Credit not applicable to the Master of Accountancy degree. Prerequisite: ACC 615.

681 Special Studies in Accounting (1-4)

Independent research into one or more selected topics in accounting with consultations with supervising instructor and written reports on the research. Extent of the research project depends upon credit registration. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of department chair.

695 Integrative Accounting Capstone (3)

Integration of auditing, accounting systems, financial accounting, managerial cost accounting, and income tax accounting. This course must be taken in the semester of graduation or in spring semester if graduating in August. Prerequisite or corequisite: ACC 422/522, ACC 453/553, nine semester hours of 600-level accountancy courses, and enrollment in Master of Accountancy program.

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