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366 Imagination, Entrepreneurship, and Business Problem-Solving (3)

Application of creative thinking in addressing business opportunities and problems, especially within an entrepreneurial context. Systemic approach to creating, evaluating, refining, and selling breakthrough ideas. Exposure to a number of techniques, concepts and methods useful in managing the creative process in individual and group contexts, with emphasis on accountability for creative quality. Involvement interactive and experiential approaches. Prerequisites: MGT 291 and MKT 291.

371 International Business (3)

Acquaints students with problems encountered and adaptations required in business operations within foreign environments. Prerequisites: ECO 201 and ECO 202.

371.L International Business (4)

Acquaints students with basic concepts and analysis of environmental factors in which international businesses operate, strategic alternatives and applications, case studies, and country analyses. Offered on Luxembourg campus. Credit for graduation will not be awarded for more than one of BUS 371 or BUS 371.L. Prerequisite ECO 201 and ECO 202.

MPC 461 Small/Emerging Enterprise Consulting (3)

Students apply prolem-solving methodology by consulting selected local small businesses that have requested management assistance. Each selected company demonstrates a wide range of problems crossing the fields of finance, marketing, accounting, production, human resources, information systems, computer systems, strategic and tactical planning, growth and downsizing, procurement, control of inventory, quality control, and forecasting. Students learn to integrate and apply their business knowledge in "real world" settings and test their analytical skills by confronting and solving complex business problems. Prerequisite: Students must have completed junior level courses for their major and should be taking two or more senior level courses concurrently with the course.

MPC 467 Entrepreneurship: New Ventures (4)

Cross-disciplinary and integrative approach to the identification of unmet market opportunities and the creation of new ventures that capitalize on these opportunities. Case-oriented approach. Students create business plans for ventures based on an original concept. Course includes weekly laboratory. Prerequisites: Senior standing or instructor permission.

MPC 494 Sustainability Perspectives in Resources and Business (3)

Addresses the need for interdisciplinary understanding of the pattern of declining quantities of critical resources and growing public awareness of environmental degradation, an understanding of relevant ecosystems, social and economic institutions and policy, and the prospects for the business community to facilitate resolution of these concerns. Three alternative prerequisites: (A) senior standing as a business major and one of BOT 131 or GLG 121 or ZOO 121; or (B) senior standing as a science major and ECO 201 and 202; or (C) senior standing and completion of Thematic Sequence ECO 5 Sustainable Systems. Cross-listed with BOT, GEO, GLG, and ZOO 494.

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