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Courses of Instruction


Note: The following cross-listed courses are available in Black World Studies. For more information, consult the listing in the appropriate department.

ARC 427/527 The American City Since 1940 (MPT)
ATH 366 African Oral Traditions
CLS 210.R Race and Ethnicity (MPT)
ENG 336 African American Writing (MPT)
ENG 337 African American Writing, 1878-1945 (MPT)
ENG 338 African American Writing, 1946-Present
FST 415 Cuba in Revolution: Its History, Politics, and Culture (MPC)
FWS 362 Family Poverty (MPT)
GEO 301 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
GEO 455/555 Race, Urban Change and Conflict in America
GTY 472/572 Minority Aging
HST 221 African American History (MPT)
HST 224 Africa in History (MPF)
HST 225 The Making of Modern Africa (MPF)
HST 325 Images of Africa
HST 326 Islam
HST 365 Civil War and Reconstruction Era
HST 386 Race in U.S. Society
HST 396 The American South Since 1877
HST 495 Modern African Environmental History
HST 496 Africa in the 20th Century: Decolonization and Independence
PHS 279 African Americans in Sports (MPF)
PHS 292 Dance, Culture, and Contexts (MPF, MPT)
POL 142 American Politics and Diversity
POL 338 Contemporary African Politics
PSY 325 Psychology of Predjudice and the Minority Experience
REL 241 Religions of the American Peoples (MPT)
REL 325 Religions of Africa
SOC 348 American Minority Relations (MPT)
SOC 448 The African American Experience (MPT)

MPF, MPT 151 Introduction to Black World Studies (4)

Introduces the Afrocentric perspective as it has developed in anthropology, history, political science, geography, sociology, religious studies, mass communications, theater, art, etc. Covers theories, research, methodologies, and practice of Africana studies. Students develop historical and contemporary understanding of the African diaspora. IIC, IIIA, H.

265 Penny Lecture Series (1)

Weekly lectures given be different Black World Studies Affiliates. Credit/No Credit.

MPC 370.E Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color (3)

Concerns issues of language, history, geography, social-psychology, and culture for U.S. women of color (black, Asian-American, Latina, American Indian, and others). Includes works by and about women on gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and other differences. Cross-listed with WMS 370.E.

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