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General Bulletin 2004-2006

Courses of Instruction

CHINESE (CHI-Arts and Science; Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages)

101, 102 Elementary Chinese (4, 4)

Introduction to modern Mandarin Chinese. Focuses on basic communication skills.

105 Chinese for Travelers (1)

Basics of Mandarin Chinese with emphasis on survival communication skills in everyday situations. Also provides practical information about Chinese society and culture.

Advanced Courses

201, 202 Second Year Chinese (3, 3) (CHI 202 is CAS-A.)

Continue to develop skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Prerequisite: CHI 102 or equivalent.

MPF 251 Traditional Chinese Literature in English Translation (3)

Chinese literature up to the end of the Qing Dynasty (1911). Introduction of unique features of Chinese literature, society and culture. Study selected classics in Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism, and masterpieces in fiction, poetry, and drama. IIIB. CAS-B-LIT.

MPF 252 Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation (3)

Read selected representative works from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, including fiction, poetry, criticism, and film. Lectures furnish the socio-cultural background to establish a framework for understanding and interpretation. IIIB. CAS-B-LIT.

MPF 255 Drama in China and Japan in Translation (3)

Provides historical overview of major traditional dramatic art forms of China and Japan: Zaju, Kunqu, Beijing Opera, Noh, Kyogen, Bunraku, and Kabuki. Critically treats and interprets theatrical conventions in each and attempts to clarify aesthetic significance. Cross-listed with JPN 255. IIB, IIIB. CAS-B-LIT.

264 Chinese Cinema and Culture (3)

Study of selected films. Introduces Chinese cinema and, through films, Chinese culture. Works are from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Subject matter is both historical and modern. Knowledge of Chinese is not required. Cross-listed with FST 264.

301, 302 Third Year Chinese (3, 3)

Develop advanced skills in communication. Expand vocabulary and learn additional, more complicated grammatical structures. Read relatively difficult original materials. Prerequisite: CHI 202 or equivalent.

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