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Courses of Instruction


101 Interactive Development Skills (1)

Hands-on instruction on the use of the latest interactive media development tools/software. Self-paced and traditional instructional methods will be used. A headnote will specify the instruction method and class of software tools.

MPT 201 Information Studies in the Digital Age (3)

Explores what it means to be information literate in today's digital world. Students will not only learn about the latest technological advances but will also reflect on ethical and legal issues created by the information age. Intended for students wishing to become competent in the fields of Information Literacy and Information Technology. Course includes all aspects of the research process from the definition of the research problem to the acquisition and critical analysis of information, to the adaptation of that information for a digital environment.

330 Interactive Media Internship (0)

Zero credit hour course represents a supervised internship in interactive media. Approval by the department chair of IMS or MIS is required to enroll. Cross-listed with MIS 330.

MPT 333 New Economy: eBusiness, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital (3)

Focuses on building new interactive/digital ventures, venture capital, and private equity with respecet to networking technologies in both existing and emerging industries based on opportunity and assembling the resources required.

MPC 440 Interactive Media Studies Practicum (4)

Capstone course explores the development of digital interactive media from an interdisciplinary, client-based perspective. A team of students from diverse majors will work as a consulting agency to develop a solution for an actual client

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