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101 GAP: Global Awareness Project (1)

International program that will increase participants' understanding of countries and cultures of the world. Explores social and cultural aspects of several countries, including education, economy, government, family, religion, traditions and cuisine. Offered credit-no credit.

141.L European Cities in Cultural Context/Luxembourg (1)

Deals with certain key European cities and considers for each its place in history, its development, the remaining landmarks of important events in the past, architectural and artistic masterpieces, important persons who lived there (statesmen, philosophers, musicians, etc.) and their contribution. Considers the present significance of the city in economic, political and cultural terms, as appropriate.

MPF, MPT 201 Introduction to International Studies (3)

Integration of core disciplines comprising international studies, with analysis of major world regions and issues. Recommended for freshmen and sophomores. IIC, IIIB, H. CAS-C.

MPF 208 The Rise of Industrialism in East Asia (3)

Introduction to historic parameters, geographic variables, state policies, and sociocultural contexts of industrialism in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore). Cross-listed with ATH, GEO, HST, POL, and SOC 208. IIIB, H.

290 Research Strategies for International Studies (1)

Basics of library research for international studies including evaluation of sources, development of search strategies, usage of data and evidence. Prerequisite: ITS 201.

301 Intercultural Relations (3)

Development of cultural awareness; in-depth study of theory and field-based research on the cross-cultural dynamics of cross-national encounters, trends, and events. Cross-listed with ATH 301. CAS-C. Offered infrequently.

302 Problems of Non-Western Societies (3)

Examines a series of problems faced by Third World societies. Topics include theories of national independence, technology, post-colonial hardships, and the role of the U.S. Prerequisite: ITS 201.

340 Internships (1-12; maximum 16)

Supervised work experience in government agencies, public service organizations, and appropriate commercial and financial institutions. Prerequisite: at least sophomore standing in ITS; permission of instructor and director required. Offered on credit/no-credit basis only.

390 International Topics in International Studies (1)

Presentations and discussion of current international developments such as population control strategies, economic change in Eastern Europe, and issues in human rights. Offered credit/no credit only. Prerequisite: ITS 201.

MPC 402 Seminar in International Studies (3)

Examination of approaches and diverse human relationships that comprise the field of international studies, with participants writing a scholarly paper. Prerequisite: international studies major with senior standing or permission of instructor.

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