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Courses of Instruction

JAPANESE (JPN-Arts and Science; Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages)

101, 102 First Year Japanese (4, 4)

Acquisition of the basic oral-aural skills of elementary Japanese as well as the reading and writing skills.

105 Japanese for Travelers (1)

Introduction to the Japanese language with emphasis on speaking. Course covers a broad range of language functions, from introducing and describing oneself to asking directions and making requests. Also introduces students to everyday Japanese culture.

Advanced Courses

201, 202 Second Year Japanese (3, 3)

Further development of the fundamental skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading in Japanese. Prerequisite: JPN 102 or equivalent. 202 is CAS-A.

MPF 231 Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation (3)

Focusing on the supernatural, this course examines major literary works chronologically, Tale of Genji (ca. 1010), to contemporary films. Course investigates the appeal of stories of the uncanny and the significance of the supernatural in the minds of the Japanese, both past and present. IIB, IIIB, H. CAS-B-LIT.

MPF 255 Drama in China and Japan in English Translation (3)

Provides historical overview of major traditional dramatic art forms of China and Japan: Zaju, Kunqu, Peking Opera, Noh, Kyogen, Bunraku, and Kabuki. Critically treats and interprets theatrical conventions in each and attempts to clarify aesthetic significance. Cross-listed with CHI 255. IIB, IIIB. CAS-B-LIT.

260 Topics in Japanese Literature in English Translation (3; maximum 9)

Treatment of selected works of Japanese literature that suggest a particular thematic problem, such as Death in Japanese Literature, East meets West: The Agony of Modernization, and The Influence of Zen upon Literature. Designed for the nonspecialist with little or no background in Japanese literature. No knowledge of Japanese language is required. Offered infrequently.

260.A Death in Japanese Literature (3)
260.B Sexuality in Japanese Literature (3)

MPF 279 Buddhism and Culture: China and Japan (3)

Deals with East Asia and time span of more than 15 centuries (from fourth through 20th). Provides historical overview of the development of Buddhism in China and Japan with a clear definition of theoretical framework of this religion. Investigates nature and extent of Buddhist influence on the imagination of intellectuals and lifestyle of the populace in general. All cultural phenomena, thematically treated, are interpreted with historical, social, economic, and institutional contexts, and in contrast to those of the West. Cross-listed with ART and REL 279. IIIB,H. CAS-B-LIT.

301, 302 Third Year Japanese (3,3)

Emphasis on advanced oral and written communication in Japanese, while learning about important concepts in modern Japanese society through reading and discussion. Prerequisite: JPN 202 or equivalent.

401, 402 Japanese Culture and Society in Contemporary Texts (3, 3)

Development of advanced command of Japanese in comprehension and production through written works and class discussion. Cultural, social, and psychological implications, literary works, contemporary articles, etc., will also be explored. Prerequisite: JPN 302 or equivalent.

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