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Courses of Instruction

SPANISH (SPN-Arts and Science; Department of Spanish and Portuguese)

Note: Students with prior Spanish must take the placement examination before enrolling in any Spanish course. Once placed, students may not skip a course in the sequence leading to SPN 202. No student may take SPN 101, 102, 111, 201, or 202 for credit/no credit.

101, 102 Beginner's Course (4, 4)

Objectives: to read and understand ordinary Spanish without translation and to speak and write it with increasing ability.

111 Intensive Review of Basic Spanish (4)

Covers same material as SPN 101, 102. For entering students whose high school background in Spanish has not included all the basic grammar and whose preparation for enrollment in 201 is deficient. Upon completion of SPN 111, students enroll in SPN 201. Prerequisite: enrollment determined by placement exam. Credit earned in SPN 101 and/or 102 is considered duplication of credit.

Advanced Courses

201, 202 Second Year Spanish (3, 3)

Reading and discussion of selected texts with practice speaking and writing the language. Prerequisite: (for SPN 201) SPN 102 or 111 or placement exam score. (for SPN 202) SPN 201 or placement exam score. SPN 202: CAS-A.

241, 242 Intermediate Conversational Spanish (2, 2) (241)

Intensive oral practice in simple face-to-face interactions involving exchange of personal information and routine social demands. (242) Intensive oral practice developing flexibility and fluency. Oral production developed on factual topics beyond personal information and routine social demands (narration, description of present, past, and future events). Credit/no-credit only. Prerequisite: (241) SPN 202; (242) SPN 241. Recommend concurrent or prior registration in SPN 311.

MPF 303 Introduction to Linguistics (4)

Scope of linguistics: fundamental concepts and methods of linguistic science in its descriptive and historical aspects. Cross-listed with ATH 303, ENG 303, and GER 309. Does not count toward the Spanish major or minor. V. CAS-E.

311 Grammar Review and Introductory Composition (3)

Continued development of the four linguistic skills with emphasis on grammar and writing. Prerequisite: SPN 202 or appropriate placement exam score.

MPT 312 Introduction to Spanish Language/Linguistics (3)

Introduction to Spanish linguistics: phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon, and pragmatics. Intensive pronunciation practice in Language Laboratory. Overview of Spanish language in relation to its history and to other Romance languages. Readings and lectures in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 311.

MPF, MPT 313 Introduction to Literary Texts: Spain (3)

Close reading and critical analysis of selected poetry, essay, narrative fiction, and drama from Spain. Prerequisite: SPN 311 or appropriate placement exam score. IIB. CAS-B-LIT.

MPF, MPT 314 Introduction to Literary Texts: Spanish America (3)

Close reading and critical analysis of selected poetry, essay, narrative fiction and drama from Spanish America. Prerequisite: SPN 311 or appropriate placement exam score. IIB. CAS-B-LIT.

341, 342 Advanced Conversational Spanish (2, 2)

Intensive oral practice; speeches, talks, conversations, dramatizations. Credit/no-credit only. Prerequisite: (341) SPN 242; recommend concurrent or prior registration in SPN 408; (342) SPN 341; recommend concurrent or prior registration in SPN 408, 409.

371 Culture and Civilization: Spain (3)

General survey of culture and civilization of the Iberian peninsula from its earliest inhabitants to the present day. Course is interdisciplinary yet presents material from the perspective of the humanities. Does not count toward the major or minor. Prerequisite: two from SPN 311, 312, 313, 314. Offered infrequently.

372 Culture and Civilization: Latin America (3)

Comprehensive overview of Spanish America's development from pre-Columbian times to the present. Substitutes for LAS 208 and counts as a core course for Latin American Studies minor. Does not count toward Spanish major or minor. Prerequisite: two from SPN 311, 312, 313, 314. Cross-listed with LAS 372. Offered infrequently.

408, 409 Intermediate Spanish Composition (3, 3)

Written composition in Spanish. Study grammatical structures, lexicon and rhetorical techniques as important resources to effective and appropriate written communication. Prerequisite: (408) SPN 311; (409) SPN 408.

MPT 412 Hispanic Language and Culture (3)

Expands the understanding of linguistic concepts presented in SPN 312, providing an overview of the sociopolitical history of Hispanic culture and the history of Spanish dialects and how the perception of Spanish has changed throughout history. Prerequisite: SPN 312.

MPT 413 Texts and Contexts: Spain (3)

Reading and analysis of selected literary texts from Spain with attention to the social and historical contexts that they reflect. Prerequisite: SPN 313 or 314. CAS-B-LIT.

MPT 414 Texts and Contexts: Spanish America (3)

Study and analysis in a socio-historical context of selected writings from literature of Spanish America. Prerequisite: SPN 313 or 314. CAS-B-LIT.

Note: The following courses require SPN 413 or 414 except as otherwise noted. When appropriate, alternative prerequisites are designated.

MPT 420 Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spain (3)

In-depth study of literary texts on a specific cultural theme. CAS-B-LIT.

421/521 Spanish Literature from the 12th through 15th Centuries (3)

Study of Spanish literature of medieval period from Poema del Cid (12th century) to “Romancero” (15th century). CAS-B-LIT.

422/522 16th and 17th Century Spanish Literature (3)

Survey of representative works in the literature of 16th and 17th century Spain. CAS-B-LIT.

423/523 Spain: 19th and Early 20th Century Literature and Thought (3)

Study of the major works of poetry, fiction, essay, and theatre from romanticism through the Generation of 1898. CAS-B-LIT.

424/524 20th Century Spanish Literature (3)

Study of Peninsular literature, post-Generation of '98 to present. CAS-B-LIT.

MPT 430 Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spanish America (3)

In-depth study of literary texts on a specific cultural theme. CAS-B-LIT.

431/531 Spanish America: Pre-Independence Period (3)

Survey of major works of poetry and prose from the period of discovery and conquest to independence in the early 19th century. CAS-B-LIT.

432/532 Spanish America: 19th Century Literature (3)

Survey of major works of poetry, drama, essay, and prose fiction of the 19th century. CAS-B-LIT.

433/533 Spanish America: 20th Century Literature (3)

Survey of major works of poetry, prose, and drama of the 20th century. CAS-B-LIT.

MPT 440 Selected Topics in Spanish Language and Culture (3)

Explores linguistic issues in the Spanish-speaking world today, focusing on how they reflect economic, social and cultural tensions. Prerequisite: SPN 312, 412, or permission of instructor.

443/543 Spanish Phonology and Syntax (3)

Overview of the major theoretical approaches to Spanish phonology and syntax. Phonology includes the study of significant sound contrasts in Spanish, and their distribution and representation, as well as supra segmental elements like syllable structure and stress assignment; syntax analyzes the theoretical basis of Spanish sentence structure. Prerequisite: SPN 312.

444/544 Spanish Dialectology (3)

Study of Spanish dialects based on historical and geographic criteria, as well as an introduction to a number of sociolinguistic concepts that will be the study of Spanish social dialectology. Prerequisite: SPN 312.

445/545 History of the Spanish Language (3)

History of Spanish language from Classical and Vulgar Latin to the present. Changes in phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexicon. Major characteristics of Spanish dialects and closely related languages. Prerequisite: SPN 312.

446/546 Second Language Acquisition: Spanish (3)

A theoretical study of factors influencing first and second language acquisition/learning with a concentration on Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 312.

450/550 Topics in Hispanic Literature and Language (1-4; maximum 9)

Intensive study of a special problem or topic, a specific period, author, genre, or movement in Hispanic literature; or special topics in Hispanic language or linguistics.

480 Independent Reading for Departmental Honors (1-6; maximum 6)

Departmental honors may be taken for a minimum of four semester hours and a maximum total of six semester hours in one or more semesters of the student's senior year.

MPC 490 Issues in Hispanic Literature (3)

Intensive study, including reading and independent research in the Spanish language, on a literary topic in either Spanish literature, Spanish American literature, or some combination of the two. Specific course content varies. Students should have completed at least one of the following Thematic Sequences: Literature and Culture in Spain, Literature and Culture in Spanish America, or a sequence of courses approved by the department. Does not count toward the major in Spanish.

600 Seminar in Spanish Language or Literature (3; maximum 15 toward any degree)

Intensive study of selected authors of a selected period or a selected linguistic problem. Research and reports.

617, 618 Intensive Reading in Spanish for Graduate Students (3, 3)

Prepares candidates for advanced degrees in other departments toward a reading knowledge of Spanish of textual materials within their respective fields. Offered alternate years.

670 Practicum in Teaching College Spanish (1)

Introduction to second language learning/teaching theory, methodology, and practice. Supervised teaching, preparation of instructional and testing materials, and practice in evaluation. Readings and bibliographic work in second language learning/teaching theory, practice, and research. Required of all graduate teaching assistants. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

680 Independent Study (1-6)

Independent study in Spanish literature and language.

689 Graduate Seminar (1)

Introduces new teaching assistants to strategies for teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as culture in a cross-language setting. Summer only.

700 Research for Master's Thesis (1-12; minimum 6, maximum 12)

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