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The Miami Plan for Liberal Education

Thematic Sequences Available at Dolibois European Center, Luxembourg

For information contact the Oxford campus coordinator, 220 MacMillan Hall (513-529-5050).

LUX 1 The Development of Contemporary Europe.

(Social Science) As one of the centers of the European Union, Luxembourg is an ideal place to study Europe from a social science perspective. Permits you to gain a clear perspective on the cultural, political, and sociological phenomena in the post World War I period. Take the core lecture course plus two courses from the companion list for a total of nine credit hours. Students whose major is in the same department as the core may only count the core lecture course for this unit.

LUX 2 The European Cultural Heritage.

(Humanities) As a microcosm of contemporary European culture and one of the capitals of the European Union, Luxembourg provides a setting for you to investigate these interrelationships from the perspective of the humanities, taking advantage of the proximity of the Grand Duchy to the great centers of European culture. Take the core lecture course plus two courses from the companion list for a total of nine credit hours. Students whose major is in the same department as the core may only count the core lecture course for this unit.

LUX 3 European Culture and Society.

(Interdisciplinary) Permits you to draw on the variety of European focused courses available at the Dolibois European Center to develop an in-depth understanding of the complexities of contemporary Europe. Emphasis is on an interdisciplinary perspective which links cultural phenomena and socio-political dynamics. You must take at least one course from each of the three groupings: language, social sciences, and humanities.

Capstone Experience (3 hours minimum)

The Capstone Experience, completed near the end of baccalaureate studies, integrates liberal learning with specialized knowledge. Each Capstone emphasizes sharing of ideas, synthesis, and critical, informed reflection as significant precursors to action, and each includes student initiative in defining and investigating problems or projects.

Capstones may be completed in or outside your major; in some departments, the Capstone Experience may be a requirement of the major. All Capstones presume a significant scholarly background of specialized study in a major as well as in liberal education course work. In other words, a Capstone does more than culminate four years of baccalaureate study: it culminates your Miami undergraduate education.

Ordinarily, a Capstone Experience is taken at Miami and completed in the senior year (minimum of 96 hours registered or earned). Students who plan to transfer any course to meet the Capstone requirement must obtain permission from the Office of Liberal Education before they take the course.

The Office of Liberal Education Web site (www.muohio.edu/liberaleducation/) provides a complete listing of Capstone Experiences. Please refer to the Courses of Instruction chapter for course descriptions of the Capstones.

Student-Initiated Capstones

Students may propose their own Senior Capstone Experience. Should they choose to do so, they must initiate the proposal process in their junior year or no later than the first week of October of their senior year. The proposed course must be approved by the Liberal Education Council and must include the following: three semester hours; the sponsorship of a faculty member; a minimum enrollment of 8, maximum enrollment of 20. Once approved by the Council, the capstone will be open to seniors as long as its enrollment does not exceed 20. Student-initiated Senior Capstone Experience proposal forms are available – as well as examples of successful proposals -- from the Office of Liberal Education.

Endowed Capstones

Generous contributions from alumni and friends of the university have led to the creation of several endowed Capstone courses. These specially-designated Capstones provide funding for activities and opportunities not usually available in most Capstones. Students in endowed Capstones might meet and exchange ideas with distinguished scholars or specialists not affiliated with the university, might travel to sites studied by the Capstone, or might engage in any number of activities that, without external support, could not be offered to students.

Endowed Capstones include the following:

The Mina Burckhardt Capstone in Women's Studies
The Elizabeth Burckhardt Capstone in Psychology
The Nevin Clark Family Fund Capstone in English Literature
The Walter Halbedel Capstone in Zoology
The Ernst G. Siefert Capstone in Political Science

Capstone Experience Courses

AES 432 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society (3)
AMS 401 Senior Capstone in American Studies (3)
ARC 402.C Senior Studio Capstone Experience (6)
.U/GEO 493 Urban Field Experience (3)
ARC 408 Senior Interior Design Studio Capstone Experience (6)
ARC 426 Architecture and Society (3)
ART 452 Senior Thesis Project (3)
ART 453 Advertising Practice (Laws, Hall & Associates) (4, maximum 8)
ART 492 Professional Artist's Portfolio and Exhibition Experience (3)
ART 497 Museums as Interpreters of Culture (3)
ART 498 Seminar in the History and Methods of Art and Architectural History (3)
ATH 421 Senior Seminar in Anthropology (3)
ATH 426 Ethnographic Field Research (8)
ATH/ZOO 498 Evolution of Human Behavior (3)
BOT/ZOO 467 Conservation Biology (3)
BOT 490.A Current Advances and Issues in Botany (1) with concurrent enrollment in (2)
BOT 490.B Research/Internship Capstone in Botany (1) with concurrent enrollment in BOT 400 (2) or (2) for research option; or concurrent enrollment in BOT 340 (2) for internship option
BOT 490.C Departmental Honors Capstone in Botany (1) plus concurrent enrollment in BOT 480 (2)
BOT490.D Undergraduate Botany Teaching (1) plus concurrent enrollment in (2)
BOT 3-2 Program in Forestry/Environmental Management
BOT/BUS/GEO/GLG/ZOO 494 Sustainability Perspectives in Resources and Business (3)
BOT/GEO 496 Biodiversity of Kenya (5)
BOT 499.A Tropical Flora of the Bahamas (3)
BUS 461 Small/Emerging Enterprise Consulting (3)
BUS 467 Entrepreneurship: New Ventures (3)
BWS/FST/LAS 415 Cuba in Revolution (4)
BWS/WMS 370.E Feminism and the Diaspora: Women of Color in the U.S. (3)
CHM 491 Chemistry in Societal Issues (3)
CHM 492 Independent Research Capstone in Chemistry (3)
CLS 401 The Age of Pericles (3)
CLS 402 The Age of Augustus (3)
COM/MIS 412 Communicating Through Multimedia (3)
COM 414 Senior Project in Communication (4)
COM 415 Practicum in Television Journalism (3)
COM 437 Advocacy in America (3)
COM 439 Organizational Communication (3)
COM 440 Practicum: Mass Media Advertising and Public Relations (Laws, Hall & Associates) (4)
COM 445 Seminar in Mass Communication Law (3)
COM 459 Advanced Public Relations (3)
CSA 475 Software Systems Project (3)
ECO 405 Managerial Economics (3)
ECO 408 Productivity and Growth (3)
ECO 427 The Great Depression Revisited (3)
EDL 401 Cultural Studies and the Complexity of Empowerment (3)
EDP 460 Action Research/Problem-based Seminar in Exceptional Education/Developmental Differences (3)
EDP 497 Literacy Training Seminar (3)
EDT 419.G Supervised Teaching in Art (16)
EDT 422 Studies in Educational Issues (3)
.B Developing Cross-Cultural Contexts for Teaching and Learning (3)
.C Comparing Selected U.S. and European Schools (3)
.J The Inca Empire (3)
Engineering 3-2 Program
ENG 405 Advanced Linguistics: Syntax (3)
ENG 406 Discourse Analysis: Speech Acts in Context (3)
ENG 415 Practicum in Technical and Scientific Communication (3)
Capstone in Journalism (3)
ENG/ History Through Literature: A Novel For Children (3)
ENG 460 Issues in Creative Writing (3)
ENG/ Capstone in Literature (3)
Reflections on Literature and Language (3)
ENT 497, 498 Senior Design Project (2, 2)
FIN 465 Ethics, Law, and Business (3)
FIN 485 Integrative Concepts in Finance (3)
FRE 410 Senior Seminar (3)
FSW 498 Critical Thinking About Family Relationships (4)
GEO 491 Senior Seminar (4)
GEO 492 Geography of the Auto Industry (3)
GER 471 Applied German Linguistics (3)
GLG 411 Field Geology (6)
GTY 468 The Aging Individual in a Changing Society (3)
HST 400 Senior Capstone in History (3-6)
Global Climate Change (3)
Practicum in Campus/Community Environmental Management and Sustainability (3)
IMS 440 Interactive Media Studies Practicum (3)
ITS 402 Senior Capstone in International Studies (3)
MBI 440.C Research Problems (2) and MBI 490.C Undergraduate Seminar (1)
MBI 477.C Independent Study (2) and MBI 490.C Undergraduate Seminar (1)
MBI 480.C Departmental Honors (2) and MBI 490.C Undergraduate Seminar (1)
MBI 487, 488, 489 Clinical Laboratory Science Practicum (8, 15, 15)
MGT 495 Strategic Management (3)
MIS 495 Capstone in Management Information Systems (3)
MKT 442 Integrated Marketing Communications Practice
(Laws, Hall & Associates) (4)
MKT 491 Marketing Strategy (3)
MME/ECE 448, 449 Senior Design Project (2, 1-2)
MTH 407 Mathematical Patterns and Structures Through Inquiry
MTH 425 Number Theory (3)
MTH 435 Mathematical Modeling Seminar
MTH 482 Great Theorems of Mathematics (3)
MUS 453 Comparisons in the Arts (3)
MUS 475 Senior Practicum in Music Education (3)
MUS 493 Capstone Senior Recital (3)
Leadership Seminar (1) and
NSC 410 Leadership Laboratory (1, 1)
NSG 435 Challenges in Health Care Delivery (3)
PHL 401 Integrating Perspectives (4)
PHL 405 Philosophy for Children (4)
PHS 402 Critical Reflections on Health Care (3)
Undergraduate Research Seminar in Philosophy (4)
Capstone Professional Experience
PHS 431 Health-Related, Service-Learning Experiences with Children, Youth, and Families (3)
.M International Health: Global Perspectives (4)
.N A European Perspective: Health, Social, Economic and Political Impacts of Health Promotion (4)
PHY 488.A and 488.B Research Capstone in Physics (3)
PHY 490.S Topics in Physics Seminar (3)
POL 419 Civil Society and Modern Politics (4)
POL 424 Transatlantic Seminar on the European Union (6)
POL 439 North American Politics: Unity and Diversity (3)
POL 459 Capstone Seminar on the American Political System (4)
POL 466 Public Policy Analysis (3)
POL 471 The International System (3)
POL/LAS 478 Media and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean (3)
POL 487 Individual Lives and International Politics (3)
POL 489 Conflict Management in a Divided World (3)
PSE 411 Advanced Paper Manufacturing (3)
PSE 471, 472 Senior Design I, II (2, 2)
PSY 410 Capstone Seminar in Psychology: Multiple Determinants of Behavior (3)
Philosophical Issues in Clinical Psychology (3)
Capstone Seminar in Psychology: Social Issues and Psychology (3)
PSY 490 Research Apprenticeship in Psychology (3)
REL 402 Basic Structures in the History of Religions (4)
RUS 401 St. Petersburg: History, Literature, Culture (3)
SOC 459 Sociology Capstone (3)
SOC 462 Applied Research Methods (3)
SPA 413 Senior Seminar in Communication Disorders (3)
.B Intercultural Workshop in Speech Pathology and Audiology (3)
SPN 490 Issues in Hispanic Literature (3)
STA 475 Data Analysis Practicum (3)
THE 490 The Theatre and a Cultural Aesthetic (3)
.K Field Studies in the Czech Republic (8)
WCP 444, 445 Senior Workshop and Project (5, 5)
WMS 401 The Role of Women in a Transforming Society (3)
ZOO 400 Capstone Seminar: Contemporary Issues (3)
ZOO 419.R Independent Research in Zoology (3)
ZOO 431 Winter Biology (3)
ZOO 444 Molecular Biology (3)
ZOO 452 Nerve and Muscle Physiology (4)
ZOO 453 Animal Physiological Ecology (4)
ZOO 454 Endocrinology (5)
ZOO 459 Neurophysiology (4)
ZOO 462 Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment (4)
ZOO 465 Animal Behavior (4)

Field (80 - 86 semester hours)

Beyond your liberal education courses, you must complete work for your major and divisional requirements, and complete additional hours for minors or electives.

Frequency of Course Offerings

Information about frequency of offerings is provided by the Office of Liberal Education and divisional advising offices. Scheduling information is also provided for some courses in the Courses of Instruction chapter in this Bulletin. Scheduling patterns are subject to change without notice based, usually, on student demand, faculty availability, and programmatic priorities.


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