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Courses of Instruction

ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE (EAS - Engineering and Applied Science)

101 Computing, Engineering, and Society (1)

This course introduces students to the computing and engineering professions and their role in society. Students will explore the unique features of different engineering and computing disciplines as well as the disciplines’ common bonds, such as problem solving , math and science, teamwork, and communication. Students will examine ethical and societal issues related to the disciplines and their impact on society and the world. In addition, the students will be engaged in an active forum for dissemination and discussion of ideas, topics, and issues related to their learning at Miami, the School, and the community.

102 Problem Solving and Design (3)

This course introduces an approach to problem solving for engineering students. The students will learn systematic approaches to problem solving. Topics covered include: problem identification, requirement analysis, research on existing and alternative solutions, and quantitative analysis of solutions, synthesis and evaluation of data, prototyping, and testing. Students will also develop their oral and written communication skills as well as team work skills.

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