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ARABIC (ARB-Arts and Science)

101 Beginning Standard Arabic (4)

Study of the alphabet, sounds, and writing style. Basic grammatical structures and development of reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. For students with no prior study of Arabic.

102 Beginning Standard Arabic (4)

Developing basic grammatical structures and communication skills. Students read and write short passages on various real life situations. Develop a balanced knowledge of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Prerequisite(s): ARB 101 or equivalent.

201 Intermediate Modern Arabic (3)

ARB 201 aims to strengthen your listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills, and to build your knowledge of Arabic language, literature and culture. Prerequisite(s): ARB 102 or equivalent.

202 Intermediate Modern Arabic (3)

ARB 202 aims to build a solid intermediate level of skill in Arabic, with which students can read and discuss topics of general interest, including many aspects of Arab culture. Prerequisite(s): ARB 201 or permission of instructor.

302 Advanced Arabic (3)

Advanced readings and discussions focus on various literary and cultural topics ranging from classical to contemporary. The course integrates advanced grammatical constructions with comprehension and communication skills. Prerequisite: ARB 301 or permission of instructor.

680 Directed Study in Arabic Language and Literature (1-4; maximum 12)

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing and permission of department chair and instructors.

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