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General Bulletin 2008-2010

Courses of Instruction


182 Experiencing the Arts (1)

Introduction to various arts. Attendance at art events required.

201 Introduction to Arts Management (3)

Introduces the field of arts management through an investigation of the major functional management areas relevant to the arts and the issues facing those areas.

340 Internship (1-20)

Structured field experience with a professional arts organization. Pre- and post-seminars required. Must be pre-approved by instructor before registering. Credit/No Credit Only. Prerequisite: CFA 201.

410 Advanced Topics in Arts Management (3)

This course focuses on current issues in arts management in preparation for a professional career and/or graduate work. A final thesis or project is part of this course that looks at ethics, entrepreneurship and leadership, arts policies and funding, audience development in a pluralistic society, and arts in an "experience" economy and technological society. Prerequisites: CFA 182, CFA 201, CFA 340.


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