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280 Introduction to Scholarship, Leadership and Service (1)

Introduces students to the three primary tenets of the Honors & Scholars Program: scholarship, leadership and service. Sections vary in their specific focus of inquiry, yet all sections foster the development of intellectual practices and goals, leadership skills, and personal reflection on civic values and community engagement.

281 Introduction to Community Service & Learning (2)

Explores how scholarship can be linked to community engagement. Investigates ways research and exploration of self, group, and community generate knowledge. Further, it uses service experiences to enhance academic knowledge and promote the values of equity, social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service. Students will learn about a social issue in the regional community and develop a project that will be useful to a group of community stakeholders.

350 Preparing for Life After Miami (1)

Designed to prepare students for creating effective personal statements and presenting their ideas orally in order to prepare for national followships and scholarships as well as graduate and professional schools.

385 Urban Internship Orientation (1)

Preparatory course for Urban Leadership Internship students, focusing on learning through experience in the context of the summer professional internship, community service and urban immersion.

480 Honors Thesis Workshop (1)

Designed to prepare University Honors students to formulate thesis topics, identify faculty mentors, construct appropriate research designs, manage the research and writing process, and present scholarly work.

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