E3 is a new way of:

Engaging the University community

Engineering the decision-making process to provide meaningful value

Executing IT work in the most efficient and effective way possible

E3 is rooted in:

  • IT Services' Mission Statement
  • IT Services' Vision for the future
  • IT Services' Values
  • IT Services' Functional Imperatives

      Engage: Overview      

  • What is client engagement?
  • Who is involved?
  • How to engage IT

     Engineer: Overview   

  • What is value engineering?
  • Who is involved?
  • What value does this deliver?

      Execute: Overview      

  • Governance for strategic initiatives
  • Who is involved?
    • ITIC
    • CCIC
  • Dynamic Resourcing

      Engage: Results      

  • Meeting Notes
  • Strategy Maps

      Engineer: Results      

  • Affinity Maps
  • Action Plans
  • Project Execution Lists

      Execute: Results      

  • Meeting Notes
  • Project Queues
  • Current IT Work in Progress
  • Work completed this year
  • New projects by quarter