Photo of Miami CIO JP Natale
JP Natale, VP for IT and CIO

A message from the VPIT/CIO

For the IT Services division to achieve the “enduring greatness” Jim Collins describes in his book Good to Great, we must openly and objectively confront the challenges we face as an organization – and use this brutal self-critique, validated by data, to create a path forward for the division.

Our internal evaluation, in concert with client feedback from across the University, produced the following core themes:

  • ITS must leverage established Best Practices to increase speed and flexibility in delivering solutions and services.
  • ITS must provide clients with the information they need to make informed and timely decisions.
  • ITS must leverage internal work processes that are clear, unambiguous, and easy to navigate – and enable active engagement from a broad diversity of constituencies.
  • ITS must ensure alignment of technology innovation and services with the University’s strategic imperatives.
  • ITS must deploy technologies across the University in the most efficient and effective manner possible, sustaining an optimal balance between cost and value.
  • ITS must reshape organizational behaviors to encourage and foster a culture of innovation and services.

Our objective is not to “chip away” at these themes through a piecemeal, incremental approach to problem resolution. The framework for the design of our new IT Operating Model (known as E3) is intended to make significant advances across all six themes simultaneously.

JP Natale
VP for IT and CIO

E3 Guiding Principles

The ITS strategy must be an extension of our mission, vision, values, and functional imperatives. These are the cornerstones upon which the new IT Operating Model (E3) is built:

  • Our Mission Statement provides a framework that guides and informs the development of the IT Services strategy. Through our Mission Statement we declare our purpose.
  • Our Vision describes the desired state for our organization; the state we aspire to achieve through our work.
  • Our Values are the principles and standards that are firmly rooted at the very center of our character, and from which we will not budge or stray.
  • Functional Imperatives describe the specific capabilities and approaches central to IT Services achieving its mission.

Only with these foundational building blocks can we translate “aspiration into action” and shift from defining what we want to accomplish to how we intend to accomplish it.