What is client engagement?

Establishing partnerships and collaborating with the University’s diverse user communities are central to E3. Robust client relationships are key to sparking innovation and advancing the academic, research, and economic development goals of the University.

Those partnerships and collaborations will grow through the deployment of IT Services staff trained and directed to listen, learn, and

Who is involved?

Teams of IT Services staff are assigned to each academic division and to major administrative offices. Teams meet with clients quarterly to review current and planned projects, discuss service issues, and learn about client’s strategic planning.

Client Engagement Teams

Office of the President Student Affairs University Advancement Enrollment Management and Student Success Academic Affairs Finance and Business Services IT Services
IT Team Joe Bazeley
Gabe Campbell
Micah Cooper
Leah Harris
Cathy McVey
JP Natale
Steve Thole
Holly Gage
Bill Miley
Jeff Triplett
Bob Black
Jessie Fernandes
Alan Ferrenberg
Mary Brooks
Kent Covert
Leah Harris
Brian Henebry
Linda Lack
Mike Ritcher
Jeff Toaddy
Beth Farthing Moore
Donna Amrhein
Tim Gruenhagen
Leah Harris
Dana Miller
David Schaefer
Bob Dein
Connie Johnson

Strategy maps

A strategy map is a 3-year planning document describing how processes, people, and technology will be employed to further an office or department’s strategic goals.

Strategy Maps

How to engage IT

If you are seeking:

  • An IT capability that is either new or requires a change
  • To report an IT capability/service that worked yesterday, but does not work today
  • An interaction relative to an active IT project