Maressa Dixon

Maressa Dixon

Research Associate

Office: 408 McGuffey Hall

Degrees: M.A. — Applied Anthropology, University of South Florida
B.A. — Anthropology and Black World Studies, Miami University

Curriculum Vitae

Maressa’s Bio

Maressa was inspired to pursue educational research as a high school student in the Dayton (Ohio) Public School system when, after an introductory course in anthropology at Sinclair Community College, she saw how research can support culturally relevant schooling for diverse communities. Maressa received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Anthropology and Black World Studies from Miami University and a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology from the University of South Florida before she returned to Miami to join the Discovery Center team. As a research associate for the Discovery Center since 2015, Maressa uses qualitative and quantitative methods to understand and evaluate the impact of various educational projects. Her research interest as part of the Discovery Center team is to combine traditional qualitative and quantitative methods in non-traditional ways to leverage the power of mixed methodologies to expand approaches to and understanding of education, particularly for students who have been marginalized as a result of traditional schooling practices.

Maressa’s Professional Success Formula

100% Caring (when we truly care about our words, our actions, the people around us, and the environment in which we find ourselves, we win no matter the outcome).

Maressa’s Work Commitments

Advocacy for equity; Collaboration that supports the inherent talents we all possess; and Strategic Innovation that is courageous enough to envision and act upon the positive change we wish to see in the world.